Earbud Overuse: The Silent Plague on Hearing and Focus

Athletic man wearing wireless earbuds in his ears while out in the city

Most of us spend lots of time each day with earbuds pumping sound into our ears, whether grooving out during a workout or getting the day started with a podcast. While these small sonic feeding tubes might provide soothing sounds to our thoughts and moods, they can also cause hearing impairment. Is it wrong to … Read more

IEMs vs Earbuds: Why One May Fit Your Needs More

iem vs earbuds and which suits your needs for headphones

With the advancement of technology, more advanced pieces of gadgets are being invented every day. People now have more freedom in terms of what they use for everything. As far as music is concerned, there are plenty of options, and among them, there are the two most popular gadgets nowadays; IEM and earbuds. IEM vs. … Read more

Using Headphones In Tandem With Hearing Aids

Close up image of a hearing aid and the shape - using hearing aids with headphones

Sometimes we can forget how privileged we are to be able to hear without any help from hearing aids. One of the things we all take for granted is listening to headphones. But what about those who do need hearing aids? Can you use hearing aids with headphones? Yes, you can. Hearing aids come in … Read more