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Your AirPods are probably one of your favorite accessories. Whether you’re at home chilling or going for a run, everyone loves having music to accompany them. Maybe you like listening to podcasts while working out or talking to friends while you work. Whatever the case, your headphones are a crucial part of your life. But what to do if AirPods get wet

AirPods, as expensive they may be, aren’t waterproof. If you submerge your AirPods in water, they may stop working or produce distorted audio. But in most cases, for minor splashes, they will work just fine. Dry them out, and leave them out for a few days before attempting to check if they work. Do not put them back in the charging case, as any water inside may fry your AirPods. 

Your experience will vary depending how wet your AirPods are. You will find that few people were lucky enough to have working AirPods even after they left them in the washing machine. But not everyone is that lucky. So, let’s see what you should do if they get wet. 

What Happens If Your AirPods Get Wet? 

There isn’t a precise answer because what happens inside the headphones is entirely dependent on chance. How bad your AirPods got damaged depends on how wet you get them. It’s probably fine if it suddenly started raining and your AirPods got a bit wet. If it fell in the bathtub, though, and water got inside, there’s reason to be concerned. 

Apple has never claimed that their AirPods are waterproof. And as far as experts say, they aren’t. As a result, you should do everything possible to keep them away from water.

If you got a few drops here and there, then your AirPods are probably fine. But if you got them completely soaked, then they are most likely done for. 

In any case, this is true of most technological equipment. Getting water inside damages the circuit, because it does run on electricity. Electricity and water are never a good mix.

If your AirPods are wet, then the water can surge the electricity to places where it shouldn’t be and cause a short-circuit. 

But as miniscule as it might be, there is a slight chance that your AirPods will survive. Keep on reading to learn the best course of action after finding your AirPods wet.  

How Do I Know if My AirPods Got Wet?

AirPods do not have Apple’s helpful Liquid Damage Indicator. So it can be hard to know for sure if your AirPods got water damaged unless you saw it happen yourself. The sound is a good way to tell about any damage. But don’t get tempted to connect and check it as soon as it gets wet. Leave it for some time to dry out.

You should take all precautions as if they did get wet if you aren’t sure. Once enough time has passed and they are dry (if they were wet in the first place), then connect it to your phone.

If your AirPods sound just fine and charge well, then there probably wasn’t any contact with water. And even if they were, they didn’t damage the insides. So you are good to go. 

However, if you hear distorted sound, and maybe the Bluetooth range doesn’t work properly anymore, then there probably was some water damage. Worst case scenario is if your AirPods won’t even connect to your device.

If that’s the case, you should probably take it to an Apple store to have it serviced (if possible) or replace them.

If your AirPods were in the case, the case was most likely damaged, not the AirPods. Again, the only way to know is to wait a few days until they are completely dry, then test them.

What To Do If AirPods Get Wet?

If you find your AirPods wet, no matter how much, the first thing to do is to unplug them if they are already plugged in. Then pat them down with a tissue paper and leave them at a dry place with a lot of airflow. If you have the courage to pry them open, then you can watch a YouTube video to do it and blow dry it. Even after that, I’d advise to leave them in a dry open environment for 24 hours. 

Here are a few scenarios of your AirPods getting wet and what to do when you find them. 

AirPods Were Outside the Case

If your AirPods are only slightly damp, use a microfiber cloth to wipe down the external cover. Remove any plastic coverings it might have.

Then try to get as much moisture as you can out of the insides as well. Do not use any other cloth, because they might be too abrasive and ruin the smooth surface.

In case of getting other liquids or food in contact with your AirPods, you can use alcohol pads to wipe them down before using the microfibre cloth to dry them. Do not leave them wet under any circumstances.

And don’t connect them to your phone right away to check if they work. I know it can be hard to remain in uncertainty, but you should leave it to dry for 24 hours. 

Lie your AirPods down so that any water that has gotten inside drains on its own. Use desiccants inside a Tupperware box and place them with your AirPods. But remember to leave the lid open.

This should further help dry out any moisture. Do not put your AirPods back in the case, before they have had enough time to dry properly. 

AirPods Were Inside the Case

 If your AirPods became wet while inside the case, remove them from the case and dry them individually. Use a small tweezer to get inside the holes of the case and dry them out completely.

The rest of the procedure is the same as described above. Do the same thing with your case as well. 

Remember not to connect the case to the charger either for now. Let them dry out completely before checking for damage. Even if you aren’t sure if water got inside the AirPods, it’s safe to follow the procedure anyway.

Keep your case lying upside down, so that any moisture can get out. 

After 24 or more hours have passed, then connect your AirPods to your phone and see if they work. Connect your case to a power source and check to verify if your AirPods are charging properly.  

It’s repaired if the sound is OK and the charging is normal! If the sound seems off or the case won’t switch on, take them to an Apple store to be checked out.

Professionals can often repair minor internal damage, but you may need to buy a new pair. You can just replace the casing if it is the only part that is broken.

How To Protect Your AirPods from Water?

Prevention is always better than cure, so you should try your best to protect your AirPods from water. Repair and replacement can be expensive. So be careful around water, do not use your AirPods near swimming pools or when you’re taking a shower. 

If it suddenly rains then put them back in your bag or pocket. In case of an emergency, bring a protective bag or something waterproof to put your phone and AirPods in.

Place them back in the case whenever you aren’t using them. Try to buy a waterproof case as soon as you can. There are numerous waterproof cases and covers available on the internet.

If you correctly store your AirPods in their case, they should be safe against both water and falls.


Now you know what to do if AirPods get wet. In extreme cases there isn’t much hope. But, it never hurts to give it a shot. Your warranty is already voided. So, what is there to lose? Just look at the bright side, you finally have an excuse to get your DIY socks on. 

And if your efforts bear fruit, then that excitement and satisfaction itself should make this conundrum into a worthwhile experience. Best of luck.

Replacements If Your Airpods are DOA

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