PS5 Headphones: Do Bose Wired and Wireless Work for Games

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When it comes to gaming, you should have a set of headphones that will help you improve your general gaming experience. Bose’s gaming headset is indistinguishable from the famous Bose headphone known as the QuietComfort 35 II, which gained popularity in the market due to its excellent noise cancellation capabilities. 

Also, Bose adapted and modified this popular headphone to create a gaming headset in the hopes of wooing and delighting gamers everywhere. Gaming headphones are available in different price ranges and quality levels, ranging from low-cost to high-end. With Bose‘s QuietComfort 35 II gaming headset, Bose has also joined the gaming headphones niche.

You’ve come to the best place if you’re curious to know if Bose did a great job with its gaming headphones. There are numerous factors to consider when deciding if a gaming headphone is worth the expense.

Here’s a brief guide to determining whether Bose wired and wireless headphones are the best for gaming and whether they’re right for you.

Can you use Bose wireless Headphones with PS5?

Nowadays, not having a headset takes all the entertainment from a game. However, this determines how participants communicate with other players and progress in the game.

Many people want to know if they can use their Bose wireless headphones with their PS5.  Even though most Bose headphones seem to be wireless, they can collaborate with a PS5 because they possess a 3.5 mm port as cable.

The PS5, just like many other gaming console systems, does not support wireless headphones. Sony is the only manufacturer of wireless headsets that they support.

Even as Bose headphones seem to be wireless, most of them will possess a 3.5 mm port for connecting to the PS5 console.

This way, gamers can enjoy the Bose sound grade that everyone is raving about. However, since they are noise-canceling headphones, gamers would rather have the Bose QuietComfort 35 II Gaming Headset.

When they’re on, it’s just them as their game. These Bose headphones are the most famous headsets for a PS5 Player due to their comfort and technology.

What makes Bose headphones work best for games?

Life of the Battery.

Bose claims up to 20 hours of wireless battery life and 40 hours of wired battery life. And we recognize that the headphones’ restricted battery life in their wired mode is a little strange.

Even though 40 hours may seem like a long, hardcore games can play for much longer. Overall, the wireless battery life of 20 hours is adequate and comparable to other headsets within the same price range.

High-quality Noise Cancellation.

Bose headphones feature high-tech Acoustic Noise Canceling, which employs a combination of patented active and passive noise cancellation technologies. Also, this helps to ensure that users hear clear audio that is free of interference.

It’s also fascinating to see how the audio Noise Canceling technology ensures that you can hear voices in their appropriate tone while free from any background noise. As a result, this combination allows you to become so immersed in your game that you even forget about the diverting world around you.

Surprisingly, the gaming component can be detached and reattached in seconds.

The fact that it is fitted with a conflict boom microphone that has been certified by TeamSpeak guarantees that you can listen to your team members while your team members can hear you with maximum clarity, with minimal interference from background noise.

Moreover, if you plan to use the gaming headphones where sound or audio play a minor role in the gaming encounter, gamers prefer to have a specially dedicated headphone set.


The QuietComfort 35 II headset includes a wired mic used with a PC, PS4, Xbox, or Nintendo Switch. Even though the QC 35 II includes a headphone jack, most players would choose to use wired microphones to decrease lag. On the other hand, minor audio lag found in Bluetooth headphones could be a problem for gamers. 

Wireless gaming headsets never use Bluetooth and instead come alongside their wireless dongle that connects to the console. As a result, the QuietComfort 35 II Gaming headset isn’t exactly wireless for gaming. To be exact, the company never advertised it as a wireless gaming headset.

However, if you are not gaming, you can use it as a Bluetooth headphone. Overall, the wired mic is excellent and on par with the finest available.

Quite the convenience.

Once it comes to gaming headsets, it is critical to select a headphone that will not fatigue you during long games and matches. These Bose headphones have the advantage of just being created of a flexible material, which is supported by a simple and stable framework. 

Furthermore, it has a delicate clutching force to ensure that prolonged use does not irritate or hurt you. The headphones are small and lightweight, making them ideal for travel. They fold up so easily but also fit into the included travel case.

Design Elements.

Bose’s QuietComfort II Gaming headset excels in terms of design and comfort. The constructed quality is excellent, and the design is light and comfortable. Unlike many different gaming headsets, it possesses smaller ear cups that are more pleasant and can wear for extended periods. 

Note! This headset is seriously adaptable, and its “lifestyle mode” is ideal for everyday use.

Another feature that distinguishes it is the active noise cancellation, which you can find in very few gaming headsets. It’s not particularly useful for gaming, but it’s a great feature to have when you’re on the go. And Bose knows how to make an excellent active noise cancellation system.

The quality of Materials Used.

The headphone’s headband is glass-filled polyester, whereas the headband cushion is made of suede with a leather top. You can also use soft foam to fill the cushion.


Before purchasing a headphone, there are certain factors you should consider to obtain a great gaming experience. Conducting research will assist you in obtaining the headphone collection that is ideal for your needs.

Still, there are significant advantages to using this device, which stem from its incredibly absorbent and suitable reality. Still, it also has a great battery life that can last a few days, if not weeks, depending on how it is used.

Bose headphones are therefore suitable for various purposes, but if they are suitable for gaming, it depends on the type of gaming you desire.

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