Can You Wear Bone Conduction Headphones with Glasses?

Since I have worn glasses nearly my entire life this was a very important question that I needed an answer to. Many cool things just will not work well when you have glasses on because they make things sit in a different place. So that begs the question, can you wear bone conduction headphones with glasses?

The resounding answer is yes for most glasses users the bone conduction headphones will work excellently. I have worn them both over and under the frame, if I wear them under the frame I can hear even better as they press much more into the bones to send sound.

I can say that the experience has been amazing and led me to create this site as when I was researching for myself there was a severe lack of real actionable information to learn about this technology. Please feel free to let me know if there is a topic I could cover for you in more detail, I will be uploading pictures shortly to show off how they ride!

Can You Wear AfterShokz With Glasses?

I have Trekz Air along with the OpenMove and have been amazed at how well they work as they sit well in the first place but when my glasses sit on top of them they sound even better.

My coworker has the Trekz Aeropex and has told me the same thing, that they sit well and sound good, but are brought to another level by having glasses push them more solidly against the temple area.

What Is Our Recommendation?

AfterShokz, the creators of the most high-quality bone conduction headphones lists making sure to put the headphones under the glasses or sunglasses to get the best sound quality. This is the method I use and would suggest you use also, but since it is a personal preference I would still suggest giving both methods a try and finding the one that satisfies your needs.

Take a look at some of the nicest options which provide good sound quality below, we are an Amazon affiliate so if you make a purchase it does provide us a commission!

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Final Thoughts on Can You Wear Bone Conduction Headphones with Glasses?

I now basically only use my Aftershokz as I have become infatuated with the ability to hear with my ears while listening to podcasts and music all day. Where most people see headphones and assume you aren’t listening I don’t get the same issues when I wear my Trekz Airs.

Check out all my choice for the best bone conduction headphones for nearly any use needs, from budget to ultimate performance and maximum boost.

4 thoughts on “Can You Wear Bone Conduction Headphones with Glasses?”

  1. I have Trekz Titanium headphones and cannot function without my glasses. I LOVE these headphones! My ears are very sensitive to pressure and I have not been able to find any in-ear headphones that I can tolerate. My problem with the Trekz is that my ears get sore after an hour or so of wear, no matter which is on top. And I don’t know if my ears are located farther back than other people’s or if I have a small head, but the frame seems to stick out behind my neck and affects where the speakers rest on my head, thus changing the sound quality. I wish I could try on some in person! I contributed to a Kick-Starter (I can’t remember the company!) that is working on headphones that will attach to magnets glued to the skin, but with all things, the pandemic has affected manufacturing.

    I have an idea for something similar to the magnetic ones, but instead the speakers would be on a clip that could be attached to someone’s glasses frame. Where could I submit that idea?

    Is there somewhere I could go and try on headphones? I looked at the ones you recommended on Amazon, and I’m tempted to try them, but not without trying them on.

    Happy for whatever recommendations you can give me! Thanks

    • As to magnets, the only name in bone conduction I believe in due to longevity and work to improve is Shokz, the magnet idea may be possible but I do worry about the thin metal on most glasses to hold a large speaker in place and provide power but brains can work out issues like those. As to trying on bone conduction it is difficult as they are definitely not as available or when they are it is frequently only a single model, I still like Amazon as they tend to have a pretty lenient return policy while being accessible to nearly everyone but it is sub-optimal.

      I made the switch up to the Open range which have been nicer and lighter but I have always placed my glasses over the headphones to keep them snug which to me moves the glasses pressure to the wide speaker impact area which has let me wear them for up to 5-6 hours for hiking and running. Though glasses are always interesting as everyone feels different, something those without glasses dont grasp, so the OpenMove would be a budget way in at $75ish and those are what I use where I know I will heap abuse on them as I cant buy a super expensive set to lose in a forest should I trip on a root and they go flying as they are NOT easy to see in the woods! Also the Open Series are closer to my neck than my old Trekz Air and I have been very happy with their performance for the cost.

  2. No matter what I do I cannot find a comfortable position with my prescription lenses and over the ear bone conducting. If I put my glasses up above the bone conducting I can’t see out of the glasses. if I put my prescription glasses under the bone conducting then it makes everything too tight and my ear start to hurt within minutes. I’m damned if I do and damned if I don’t. Is there something I can buy aftermarket that will make my glasses and over the ear phone conducting work together without pain

    • As a question which specific ones have you used as I don’t get that issue with the OpenMove as the band doesn’t feel as tight, some, like the titanium were definitely more pinchy on my head with my glasses so it may just mean looking to the type of band. (I almost always wear them over my glasses and maybe have become used to a little pinch.

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