Volume Limiter: Why Some Headphones Limit Sound dBs

Headphones on colorfully lit table

The history of music is quite old, but the innovation of headphones has completely changed how we enjoy our favorite tracks. Headphones give you privacy, do not disturb others, and provide a more immersive experience. However, some headphones purposefully limit sound level, so it’s normal to wonder what is a headphone volume limit. Some headphones … Read more

Bluetooth Range: What is the Top Distance Bluetooth Works

Headphones with Bluetooth are a great idea. The thought that you won’t be involved in pulling wires around when using Bluetooth headphones is amazing. Bluetooth is of several varieties we consider working range. There are short and long-range working Bluetooth. If you are a genuine Bluetooth headphones user, you will notice that the blue light … Read more

Headphone Workouts: Will Sweat Cause Irreversible Damage

Today, it is very common to see people out there on a workout, each wearing headphones. Headphones have become part of the process of workouts. The benefits of wearing headphones during workouts are many and overwhelming. Despite these benefits, some people don’t like the idea of wearing headphones during workouts. The reason for refusing to … Read more