How do I connect my Sony headphones to my Mac?

Everyone is thrilled by the changes technology has brought and is still bringing in today’s world, especially with electronics. Many people prefer using wireless electronics such as Bluetooth because the comfort and ease of using them outweigh slight cost increases.

However, some electronic concerns, such as hearing static noise, sporadic disconnecting, or difficulty attaching the headphones to a device, such as a Macbook Air, arise and spoil the enjoyment your device could offer you. 

If you are searching for how to connect your Sony headphones to your macs, then this write-up is exclusively a treat for you! In this post, we’ll provide a step-by-step guide to help you connect your Sony headphones to your Mac. Continue reading to learn more! 

Sony headphones laying on a macbook laptop

Step-by-Step Guide On How To Connect A Sony Headphones to A Mac. 

Are you just purchasing your new Sony headphones and are wondering how to connect them to your Mac?

Though this might be a real problem to many (perhaps because it’s wireless), we want to note here that it is a simple step-by-step exercise to connect your headphones to a smartphone or laptop. 

Verify that the Bluetooth and mac power are on.

The first thing you will want to do before using any electronic device is to check if the power is on.

Therefore, before turning on your Sony headphones, ensure that your Mac desktop or laptop is fully booted up and that Bluetooth has been turned on.

The latter will allow your Mac’s Bluetooth module to send and receive its wireless signal, which is required to connect and pair with Sony wireless headphones.

The Bluetooth on Mac, in most cases, is located at the top right corner of the screen along the menu bar.

It can appear lit or dim based on whether the Bluetooth symbol indicates if it is enabled or not. To verify if the power is on, check the light: if it is bright, it is activated and turned on, but if it is dim, it is disabled and turned off.

At the end of this first step, check to ensure your Bluetooth does not have any other devices connected to it.

Power on the headphones.

Another vital step before connecting the sony headphones to the Mac is to ensure that the headphones are not currently connected and associated with any 

other devices. If it is your first time using the Sony headphones, this would not be an issue because no device has initially been connected yet.

However, if you’ve previously associated your Sonys with another device, ensure it’s not still paired with that device before attempting the new connection with the Mac.

If there has been a device initially connected, you will listen to an audible sound “Bluetooth connected when your device is turned on.

If your headphones are connected to Bluetooth, determine which device it is connected to. You may either disconnect or forget that connection with the device because it doesn’t impact your device.

Once your Sony headphones are clear of any prior Bluetooth connections, you can start pairing between your headphones and your Mac.

To Initiate Pairing, Press and Hold on The Power Button.

Pair your Sony by pressing and holding the power button on the headphones until you hear the auditory term “Bluetooth pairing” on your Mac, which is illuminated “B” along the top-right menu bar with no dots.

The headphones enter pairing mode when the blue indicator light flashes much faster than usual.

The blue indicator light will continue to flash rapidly until a successful pairing with a Bluetooth device has been established.

At this stage, open the Bluetooth options menu on your Mac while the headphones are still in pairing mode so that it can discover your device.

Look For Sony under Bluetooth available Devices.

To discover and pair with any Bluetooth device for the first time, go to the Bluetooth options menu on your Mac. On your Mac, click on the lighted Bluetooth “B” icon in the top-right menu bar to access this menu.

Then, select “Open Bluetooth Preferences…” in the dropdown menu, which will be the last option on the menu bar. This action will display a list of all previously connected devices paired with your Mac. 

Once in this preferences menu, check the list for a new Bluetooth device by its title and speaker symbol or headphone symbol.

You may have to exercise patience at this stage because your Mac may take a while to discover your Sony headphones.

So if you don’t see them appear right away in this menu, there’s no need to worry!

Click on “Connect” And Listen For Confirmation.

Once your Sony headphones and Macbook Air have successfully paired through Bluetooth, you should hear the audible phrase “Bluetooth connected” through your headphones to ensure that the connection is complete.

If you are not certain, two other places confirm your connection.

  • Examine the Bluetooth “B” icon in the upper right menu of your Mac once again.

 If the symbol has changed to a dark shade with three dots lighted across the middle, this is a sign that a connection has been created.

  • The second place to look is on the headphones themselves.

 If the blue indicator light on the headphones is flashing considerably slower than during pairing mode, this is the second piece of evidence that they have been successfully linked to your Mac.

There’s one more thing you need to do to ensure that the Bluetooth connection between your Sony and your Mac is flawless. 

Test and Confirm Pairing Connection.

The first confirmation is to listen to your favorite music or any other audio source to see if it is coming from the left and right ear cups. 

Secondly, continue playing audio and listening for any static, crackling, or popping noises that aren’t unique to the Mac audio source.

Then verify if it is playing without breaks; that is, without a disconnect/connect/disconnect behavior between the two devices; keep your

headphones attached to your Mac desktop or laptop for at least a few minutes and see if the connection is still established.

If the audio is not playing in the two ear cups, try verifying the following:

  • Make sure you are within thirteen (13) meters of the Mac that your headphones are paired to.
  • Avoid having objects or interfering with wireless electronics between your headphones and the Mac. They might be a little bit difficult to identify since there are always a couple of wireless devices around.
  • Both devices (sony headphones and Mac) must have enough power. A Bluetooth device can only operate at its peak if there is enough power left for it to send and receive signals.


If doing these checks, you still didn’t get a clear sound, forget (disconnect) your devices from and then reconnect to each other. It is done by simply opening up the “Open Bluetooth Preferences.” Mac menu again and clicking on the “x” next to the sony device name in the list.

Then, reconnect your headphones by pressing and holding the power button and clicking “connect” once you see its name on the menu again.

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