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If you are looking for maximum comfort for your listening experience, you must have the proper ear tips that are comfortable and produce the best sound.

That leaves you a choice to make between foam and silicone ear tips. If you are inclined to go for the spongy, foam ear tips, you might be wondering how long do foam ear tips last.

On average, the foam ear tips last 2-3 months per pair. Factors such as how much wax our ears produce, the environment they are used in, and how they are stored and cared for all contribute to how long will foam ear tips last. Some foam tips are made cheaper and must be replaced more often, depending on the use. 

Foam earbuds have short durability than silicon buds. They last for up to three months based on their quality and use.

Read on to learn when to replace your foam tips, the difference between foam and silicon, and how it affects your listening experience. 

When Should I Replace My Foam Ear Tips? 

Since foam ear tips are difficult to clean, you should replace them when you notice a build-up of wax, sweat, or debris. This means you should replace them often.

Some tips are more durable than others, but you should replace them after about two or three months. Cheaper tips may need to be replaced weekly, while more expensive, high-quality tips may last up to 4 months. 

What Are the Best Foam Tip Replacements? 

There are hundreds of foam ear tips on the market. When purchasing replacement buds, it’s essential to look for high quality so they will last longer. 

Here are some high-quality earbuds that won’t break the bank. 

Comply Airpod Pro Foam Tips

Airpod Pro foam tips by Comply are soft that provide comfort all day. You will also get a great listening experience as it reduces unwanted background noise!

 These also fit into the Apple Pro charging case and prevent your sound port from wax and sweat. 

Comply Airpod foam replacements can be bought for generations 1 & 2 in one of three different sizes here!

Comply Smart Core

The Comply Smart Core foam ear tips are perfect for exercising as they protect against sweat and have a Wax/Sweat Guard, unlike other foam earbuds. 

They are compatible with different headphones and provide a great fit, so your earbuds don’t fall out of your ears. 

You can purchase three pairs of foam replacements here!

Elgin Foam Tips

The Elgin foam tips provide noise isolation and a comfortable fit. Combined with their earplugs, they provide a noise reduction rating of 27 – 25 decibels! 

They come in three different sizes, and each pack has three pairs, so you only have to buy replacements every six months! 

Purchase Elgin Foam Ear Tips here!


Isopro in-ear monitor tips are high-quality tips that enhance noise reduction.

They provide all-day comfort and will stay secure in your ears throughout the day. 

Purchase a single replacement set or five for a cheaper price here!

How Can I Make Foam Tips Last Longer?

Changing your earbuds every three months can be a hassle, but if you keep them clean and follow these steps, you can make each replacement last longer. 

  • To ensure a long life for your ear tips, compress the foam before putting them into your ears. 
  • Clean them often (you can use hydrogen peroxide)
  • Store them in an earbuds case while not in use

You won’t be able to keep one pair of foam tips forever, but you can try to extend their life by maintaining proper hygiene and storage. 

How Long Do Silicone Ear Tips Last?

Silicone ear tips last longer than foam tips because they are easier to wash. They last a very long time but changing or cleaning them every 3-4 months is recommended. 

When Should I Replace My Silicone Ear Tips? 

You should replace your silicone tips when they become hard or crack. Sometimes they will even become too soft, a sign You should change them. 

You should also clean your silicone tips after every use to prevent the build-up of ear wax or sweat. You can wash them easily with soap and water, which allows you to purchase fewer replacements throughout the year. 

However, if you notice that your earbuds have a lot of build-ups that don’t want to come out,  it may be time to replace them with new ones. 

Are Foam Tips Better Than Silicone Tips? 

Foam tips are not necessarily better than silicone tips, as it depends on the user’s preference.  Each type has unique qualities that people may like more than the other. 

The benefits of foam tips are: 

  • Comfort
  • Noise reduction
  • Mold to your ear
  • Secure
  • Less slippery
  • No occlusion effect

While comfort and noise reduction are crucial for a perfect listening experience, foam tips also have their downside:

  • Only last 2-3 months
  • Hard to clean
  • More expensive

Silicone ear tips are more commonly used and manufactured with the purchase of headphones, making more people familiar with them than foam tips.

They have various advantages, especially if you don’t replace them often. The benefits of silicone tips are: 

  • Durable
  • Easy to clean
  • Double and trip flange options to fit securely
  • Cheaper
  • Last 3-4 months

Although silicone ear tips are cheaper and more durable than foam tips, they also have a few cons.

The biggest one of all is that they are uncomfortable and smooth. Here is the complete list of cons for silicone tips: 

  • They slip out of your ears
  • Occlusion effect
  • Smooth and slippery 
  • Uncomfortable suction
  • Not much noise isolation

Each person has different ears and uses their headphones for various activities. Foam tips are better if you wear your headphones while working out.

Yet, silicone ear tips are good for you if you only use your headphones every so often.

Final Thoughts

Foam ear tips don’t last as long as silicone tips, but they are comfortable! They may be a little more expensive, but they improve the listening experience.

If you are looking into purchasing foam tips, remember the pros and cons of each one because only you can decide if foam ear tips are right for you. 

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