Earbuds In Tanning Beds (Why You Can Lay and Enjoy)

I used to think tanning beds were the only way to get a decent tan but growing up in Washington state can do that to most with the non-stop drizzle and overcast days. Should one choose to get a tan done from a tanning bed though are there any issues with wearing earbuds in the tanning bed?

There should be no issue with utilizing earbuds in a tanning bed, though they can lead to losing track of time so make sure you know how long you are supposed to be in the tanning bed to not overdo it.

Indoor tanning beds are an ideal spot to listen to music with earbuds or AirPods in. You’ll be able to relax while you slowly build up your tan but there are things to pay attention to and think about.

Should You Wear Earbuds in a Tanning Bed?

For those who love to pre-tan and get their body ready for the summer, taking the time to visit a tanning booth to get a base tan down is usually a part of the process.

Many of these people would like to listen to music while they tan and for those who utilize earbuds or AirPods, there is no reason not to as long as you avoid doing so with your device set on high volume levels.

The most common worry is that they can be lost if they fall out or that they become uncomfortable and you won’t have a place to put them when you want to take them out.

The only other thing is that with wireless earbuds to make sure they are appropriately charged prior so that they can last the entire time as you won’t have access to the charging case while inside tanning salons.

Can Tanning Beds Overheat Electronics Like Earbuds?

There are always concerns with electronics and their ability to withstand the torture we deal towards them without a second thought. One huge concern most have with earbuds is that they could possibly overheat in the heat.

While you may not realize it tanning beds run at temperatures of up to 102 degrees Fahrenheit, but most earbuds are going to operate fine even at this temperature and not overheat unless they were incredibly cheap and fragile.

Does UV Radiation Damage Earbuds?

While tanning beds do produce large volumes of UV radiation, the reason it tans your skin, this radiation is relatively undamaging to electronics themselves but could technically shorten the lifespan of the plastic that makes up the earbuds due to the exposure to UV radiation.

For most plastics to degrade in UV radiation would require an amazingly large volume of direct hours which would take far more overall time than you will probably use a tanning bed in your life.

Can I Wear Wired Earbuds in a Tanning Bed?

There is no reason you have to wear wireless earbuds like AirPods when you are in a tanning booth, the wires really don’t cause tan lines to occur, if you only have wired earbuds they will work just fine! 

Reasons Earpods Make Time Move Faster in a Tanning Bed

There are many reasons why a set of earpods are perfect for those looking to enjoy some time in a tanning salon, standing or laying down. Lounging in the tanning area is a perfect time to listen to some tunes, audiobooks, or other entertainment.

When you can’t see the screen of your device and all you hear is music, it will feel like time goes by far faster than normal. This could be a good or bad thing depending on what type of podcast or mood you are in but it may also help take your mind off of how long you have been laying there for as well.


Allowing yourself to fully lay back and just enjoy the experience of tanning with music is a far better way to relax than trying to sit there and tan without anything.

Allowing yourself the time to do this with earbuds or AirPods can be a great experience overall as you may even fall asleep laying in the booth!


Choosing to listen to meditative music can help you to meditate while tanning, this can be very helpful for you if you are trying to de-stress and worry about the issues in your life.


You could choose to use this time to listen to audiobooks and expand your horizons that way or even learn a new language from an audio course.

Final Verdict: Wearing Earbuds In a Tanning Bed Is Safe

There are plenty of reasons why you may want to wear earbuds in a tanning salon. The most common worry is that they can be lost if they fall out or become uncomfortable and there’s not always a place to put them when you need to take them out.

The only other thing is that with wireless earbuds, make sure they’re fully charged so as not to die while inside the booth! So please choose to enjoy your time with earbuds in tanning beds!

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