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Living in an apartment or enclosed area, being a musician can be hard. You can’t play your guitar out loud; you must tone down your settings, so you do not disturb your neighbors.

If you own an electric guitar, you indeed have once thought if you can play it with your headphones on. Here we discuss, can you plug headphones into a guitar?

You can simply use an electric guitar with headphones by plugging in your headphones to your amplifier. Some Distortion pedals also have options to use headphones and check your gear. You can also buy converters such as iRig to play electric guitars on your smartphones or tablets.

Playing your electric guitar through headphones is easy when you have the proper gear setup. Let us look at how you can rock your electric guitar with your headphones.

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Can You Plug Headphones Into a Guitar?

You can play electric guitars with headphones. However, to answer the question, whether you can use an electric guitar with headphones or not will depend on other instrument gears you use. Your electric guitar needs a power source to play. 

You need an external stereo system such as an amplifier for it to make sound and effect pedals or processors to make tunes out of it.

You can jack in your headphones differently into your electric guitar. Here are different ways to use an electric guitar with headphones.

Connect headphones through Amp

If you play an electric guitar, you definitely will need an amplifier to plug your guitar in and play. The sound level of your guitar heavily depends on your amplifier.

There are different types of amps out there in various sizes and modulations. Amplifiers have a jack input no matter the brand or size you use. 

To insert your headphones, you must first get a converter to make your headphones jack from 3.5mm to 6.35mm. A converter will not be necessary if you already own a headphone with a jack similar to a guitar. 

Simply insert the jack onto the input and hear your audio transmission shift from the speakers of your amplifier to your headphones.

You can then adjust the volume of your electric guitar accordingly and play soundlessly.

Connect headphones using iRig

You can now play electric guitar on your tablet or smartphone as well. While it sounds complicated, it isn’t. All you have to do is get yourself a guitar iRig.

An iRig is an electric guitar or bass guitar effects rig that lets you connect your instrument to your device. You will need also to download apps that support guitar playing on your device. 

Simply plug your electric guitar into the iRig and insert the other end into your phone device’s headphone jack. Now input your headphones from the headphone jack panel on the iRig.

Open up the app and choose your favorite effects pedal and virtual amp to start jamming using your device.

Connect headphones through the processor

While we all know that to play an electric guitar, you would need an Amplifier, and you can also play and jam without one.

Multi-effects pedals work the same way as amplifiers as it gives your electric guitar a power source.

Additionally, many multi-effects pedals have headphone input options, and some have different jacks and USB outputs provided. 

Simply insert your headphones on the multi-effects pedal and you will hear the sound transfer directly to your headphones.

You can also use the output jack of your multi-effect pedal processor to use headphones as well. Use a jack to 3.55mm converter and use your headphones straight from your processor to your headphones.

Connecting with a VoxAmPlug

This is another device created for the ease of electric guitar players who struggle with having a full setup before jamming.

It works like a jack and has built-in modulations and effects which you can use and play without the need for an amp or multi-effects pedal processor. 

The VoxAmPlug also comes with headphone jacks even if it has a really small speaker. You can simply plug in your headphones onto it and Jam.

Connect headphones through the PC

Usually, when people have a home studio, they play their electric guitar straight to their computers to record their songs. The process of normal jam on your electric guitar using your computer is similar.

Use an audio interface to connect your Electric guitar to your computer. The sound card omits all noise and frequency channels within its system. 

After you have successfully connected your guitar to your sound card or audio interface and then to your computer, simply use your headphones and listen to your electric guitar playing through them.

Can You Connect An Electric Guitar to Bluetooth headphones?

If you attempt to play an electric guitar via Bluetooth headphones, the result will not be promising.

There are not many good options when it comes to connecting Bluetooth headphones to your electric guitar. You can, however, try and see if it works. 

In order to connect your Bluetooth speakers, simply plug your iRig into your device to play your guitar as you set up.

The additional will be to connect your Bluetooth headphones to your device and then hear your playing be transmitted through the iRig to your Bluetooth headphones.


One of the many issues associated with Bluetooth headphones and electric guitar playing is latency. There is a huge latency in the transfer of sound from your iRig to your headphones.

Due to latency, your guitar play-through will be delayed per second which will disrupt your flow of practice.

Sound cracks

The sound on your Bluetooth speaker might also not be clear enough to output all your guitar distortions and modulations.

With latency and frequency issues there will be a lot of cracks in tone and sound. This will make it hard for you to practice even with your headphones on.

Require more charge

Bluetooth headphones need to be changed often to play your electric guitar. This is because you might wish to practice guitar for hours while the battery of the Bluetooth headphones won’t last as much.

Best Headphones for Guitar Playing?

Now that you know you are able to play your electric guitar with your headphones, you also wonder which headphones might be the best for you to use while jamming.

Luckily, we have a list of headphones for you to pick from for you to practice silently in your room.

Audio Technica Ath M50x

Audio Technica gives you one of the best experiences when it comes to using headphones.

It is widely demanded in the market for its sound quality and looks. The headphones have high clarity and an extended frequency range.

It also has built-in bass responses which also make it easier for you to practice bass. The body of the headphones is super flexible, being rotary and better isolation.

Sennheiser HD650

Sennheiser HD650 has a very high reputation among both domestic and professional users.

These headphones are one of the best when combined with an electric guitar and amplifiers.

It has high-quality sound levels and also has more breathable space for your ears.

The frequency for this particular headphone is also higher.

Final Thoughts on Can You Plug Headphones Into a Guitar

You can play electric guitars on your headphones. You can use different ways to connect it to your guitar.

Simply Use headphone jacks available on all models of amplifiers and multi-effects pedal processors or VoxAmplug and other audio interfaces to plug in and play your guitar using headphones.

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