Airpods in the Rain: Can They Survive Being Drenched?





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So, you’re out for a jog while listening to your favorite tunes. Suddenly a downpour starts, and you run for your home. But you’re greatly concerned about your AirPods. Hence, you might wonder, can I wear my AirPods in the rain? Well, let’s find out!    

The short answer is no. Your AirPods will not survive if it gets drenched. This is because most AirPods like AirPods Pro and Max don’t have any waterproof properties. Your generation three AirPods Pro might survive. But that is also highly unlikely.

Now, this is the long and short of it. But don’t go away just yet! I will add further details about other things. Such as what happens when your AirPods get wet and the precautions to avoid such a situation. Finally, I will tell you how to fix your wet AirPods if possible.

So, please stick around till the end!    

What Happens When Your AirPods Get Drenched?

When your AirPods get soaked, they might stop working immediately. This might come in different ways. Like you could hear muffled sounds, static noises, or not hear anything at all.

Now, let’s talk about a scenario here. Let’s say you’re near a swimming pool. It can be fine if your Pods get mild splashes due to other people jumping inside the pool.

But if you suddenly should slip and take an untimely dive into the pool. If that happens, I’ve got bad news for you. You’ll most probably need to get a new one.   

So, are all AirPods like this? Unfortunately, that is the case. Apple officially states that these devices are not waterproof. However, the third generation AirPods Pro is water-resistant.

They have an IP rating of ‘’IPX4’’ which can handle mild splashes and sweat. But the water sealings do weaken over time. Hence, you still need to be very careful. 

Measures To Follow After Your AirPods Got Wet

I know that these pesky little devices are hard to keep track of. You might keep them in your pocket and forget about them. And the next thing you know, you dunked your AirPods in the washer.

So, there go your 150 bucks, and now you’re tearing up. Something like this happens, and there’s nothing you can do about it. 

But is it possible to bring new life to your wet AirPods? That too depends on the degree of damage. If it’s like the scenario I’ve just mentioned, most probably not.

If it gets medium splashes or even mild ones from rain, follow these steps carefully.

Step 1: Take your AirPods to your home as soon as possible. But before that, make sure to unplug it from your ears and put it inside a polybag.

This is to avoid more splashes that can damage your AirPods permanently.

Step 2: Using a piece of microfiber cloth, gently wipe off the water from the Pods. Take your time and do it slowly.

s I’ve said before, there are water seals in your Pods. So, hopefully, the seals can catch most of the water as well. 

Step 3: Water might get inside the holes of the AirPods. So, use a cotton swab to get into those intricate places.

Hence, the swabs will absorb most of the water and hopefully fix it. Then let it dry in an area at average room temperature.  

Step 4: So, this is an optional step, but you can still try it out. Put your AirPods in a bag of rice. The rice will help absorb the water even further.

So, keep the bag in a secure place and further away from wet areas. 

Now, the last step has a bit of a downside. Hence, it is optional. The rice bag technique is suitable for drying out your AirPods.

But the smaller pieces of rice might go inside the holes of your Pod. So, you can understand the more significant problems it can create.

As a result, you can skip this one. Keeping the Pods at room temperature is more than enough. But don’t leave it out to dry in extreme hot or cold conditions.

Also, it is better to leave the drying process overnight. So, hopefully, these steps will help you fix your wet AirPods. 

Ways to Avoid Your AirPods from Getting Wet

If I’m being honest, it is better to buy water-resistant or waterproof earphones. These two terms are a bit different.

But anyway, that’s not why you’re here as AirPods are your choice and you are fighting the issues and the crisp sound, the bass, it is just too good. Hence, nothing comes close to AirPods. 

As such, you know precautions are always better than cure. So, I will talk about some measures to avoid getting your AirPods wet.

Hopefully, these measures will at least save your Pods from permanent damage. Hence, keep your focus, and let’s get right into it! 

Try To Wear Some Hoodies

Wearing hoodies is one of the best ways to protect your AirPods from water droplets. So, try to wear those hoodies that cover your head all around. Make sure the hoodies have a proper length from the back to the front side of your head.

That way, your AirPods will properly tuck away inside your ears. Some of the hoodies’ frontal parts are short. Hence, you might see your hair coming around the sides.

These hoodies are risky as there’s a moderate chance of water getting inside your ear. So, wear long hoodies, and your AirPods should be safe! 

Acquire Protective Accessories

Apple offers some nifty accessories to help your AirPods from water. Ear holders are perfect for keeping the Pods in your ears, especially in slippery situations. Sudden heavy downpour? No worries! Just put your AirPods in a waterproof carrying case.  

You can also use the most essential tool. Which one? The umbrella, of course! Umbrellas cover a wide area around your head. So, try to acquire some accessories for your AirPods. They will work their magic when the time is right. 

Gather Info About The Weather

As the title suggests, you should watch the news about the weather. That way, you’ll know if there’s a chance of heavy rain today. Heck, you can just search Google for it! Google will give proper predictions and tell you essential aspects about today’s weather.

If you see a high chance of rainfall, it’ll be best to keep your AirPods at home. I know it sucks, but dishing out 160 dollars again sucks even more. So, be smart. Sometimes leaving your devices is just the better option. 

So, I hope these methods will help keep your AirPods dry in rough conditions. Be sure to at least follow the last measure. Because this will determine whether you have to follow the other methods or not. 


If you were wondering: can I wear my AirPods in the rain, now you know all the necessary answers! In short, you shouldn’t run in the rain with your AirPods obviously.

They do not have water-resistant properties. The third-generation AirPods Pro might possess some resistance. But that is only for mild splashes and sweat. 

If the Pods do get drenched, you could follow the steps I’ve mentioned. This will adequately wipe off the surface water. So, make sure to keep it at room temperature after the procedure is complete.

Also, I’ve mentioned some preventive measures to protect your AirPods from splashes. Thus, I greatly appreciate you for reading till the end.

Take care and enjoy the world of music!

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