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When it comes to working out, most newbies give up easily. If you belong to that group, I suggest you use headphones while exercising. Now you might ask, Why should I work out with headphones?

Headphones and workouts are matches made in heaven. Listening to workout playlists or some podcasts works as a motivation booster to continue exercising. It acts as a distractor to reduce pain and fatigue. It improves workout cadence and coordination.  Overall, it helps to achieve workout goals faster. 

In this article, I will talk about some of the major benefits of wearing headphones while working out in greater detail. I will also share some advice on wearing headphones to make sure you don’t make some common mistakes beginner gym nuts tend to do.

Benefits Of Working Out With Headphones

There are multiple benefits to having headphones on when working out. Here I will be talking about some of the major ones. 

Boosts Motivation

It is easier to anticipate smashing a workout session. But when it comes to reality, the damn motivation to do that is difficult to find. But pairing headphones and exercising can really change the game. Because listening to some music elevates mood and boosts motivation to work out.

After a long stressful day, you will feel like skipping or cutting your workout session short. In such a case, nothing but music can motivate you to continue the whole workout session. Because music reduces cortisol levels or stress hormones.

As listening to music lowers your stress levels, you enter into a positive state of mind while working out. Also pairing music and exercise is a good way to release the Dopamine hormone. Because of this hormone, you will feel motivated to keep yourself engaged in exercises instead of dreading exercises.

Increases Your Endurance

If you want to cut some weight faster, your headphones can do that for you. And it is no joke. Listening to music while working out, puts you in the zone to push your limits. Therefore, you tend to work out longer. 

The heavy intensity or endurance workouts can really give you some tough times. But listening to some motivational rock and pop music increases your stamina. With that, you tend to come out of your comfort zone and put in extra effort to achieve goals faster. 

Another reason you go for prolonged sessions is that music increases your endurance level up to 15% while doing cardio. And such an endurance level helps to push longer and harder during heavy intensity workouts.

Therefore, even if you feel tired, you aim to go for longer sessions. This eventually helps you to achieve your desired goals faster than you thought.

Reduces Fatigue and Pain

The one thing that most people dread is all the free fatigue and pain that comes with exercise. And sometimes this pain becomes unbearable if you skip your headphones. Because headphones help to moderate the pain levels.

Listening to some of your favorite playlists works as a good distractor from fatigue and pain. As music releases mood-enhancing hormones, you tend to focus less on your pain. So you experience a bit of pain relief. 

If you feel exhausted from the workout pains in between your workout session, put your headphones on. Music will increase your opioid signals.

Such signals increase your pain tolerance and pain-relieving qualities. And it keeps you continuing your workout instead of dropping your routine midway.

When you work out with your headphones on, it delays the feelings of fatigue. If you listen to some pop music or consistent beats, it can give you an adrenaline rush. And this helps to distract you from focusing on your fatigue. So, get your pair of headphones to fight fatigue and pain.

Improves Coordination and Cadence

If you want to make your workout more effective and coordinated, then put your headphones on. Because while doing aerobics, or running exercises, rhythmic beats can improve cadence and coordination.

While you are pedaling on an elliptical it is a cycle of repetitive movements.  While doing such movements it is necessary to keep a moderate cadence or pace. And music helps your body to maintain a balanced cadence during such repetitive movements. 

If you are running or jogging, music can help you elevate your efforts to improve your running cadence. And to do that properly, you need to listen to some prominent and motivational music.

It increases the runner’s physiological effort to improve the pace of running. With an improved pace, you will travel long distances without feeling more tired.

Aerobics need proper coordination. And the beat of a song can synchronize your body with aerobic exercise easily. When you move to the beats, you tend to provide better coordination movements while doing aerobics. 

Advice On Wearing Headphones During Workouts

During my years of working out with headphones, I’ve learned a thing or two that I wish I had known when I was new to fitness. Here are some of them to make your gym time much more comfortable: 

  • Use IPX Certified Headphones

Whether you are doing low or high-intensity workouts, you will definitely sweat. And because of the sweat, your headphones might stop functioning in the middle of your exercises.

Such inconvenience can break your workout pace and concentration. To avoid such scenarios, always use IPX1 certified headphones while you work out.

IPX1 certified or rated headphones do not stop functioning because of sweat or dripping water. You can also use a sweat resistance cover for your headphones.

So you will be able to keep up with your workout pace and concentration without any inconvenience from the headphones.

  • Use In-Ear Earphones 

If your workout regime requires a lot of jumps and running, you should wear in-ear earphones. Because they stay stable while you are making lots of movements.

They do not fall out easily from the ears or get displaced. Otherwise, it is annoying to fix your headphones every now and then during exercises. It also distracts you from your workout.

  • Use Open Back Headphones 

Some people can’t stand in-ear earphones or earbuds and feel discomfort wearing them. So, if you are like that then over-ear headphones are your only option. In that case, try buying open-back headphones.

They allow more airflow keeping your ears dry. This is a must when working out as the moist and warm environment inside closed-back ear cups can cause infections. 

  • Do Not Connect to The Treadmill TV

While working out on a treadmill, it is okay to use headphones as long as you only listen to some music or podcast. 

But if you plan to connect your headphones to the treadmill TV screen to stream some videos, I suggest you not to. Because you might lean forward to watch the screen better. And with such compromised balance, you will end up straining your neck.

  • Use Ambient Sound Mode 

If you are exercising outside or at home alone, use headphones that have an ambient sound mode feature. 

It enables you to hear your surroundings so that you can be aware of any inconvenience happening around you. Otherwise, headphones with noise cancellation only can put you in some unwanted situations, especially on roads with traffic.


Why should I work out with headphones is a common question by gym newbies. Some even wonder whether or not is it bad to wear headphones while working out? After reading this article, I’m sure all of your confusion has come to an end. 

Working out with headphones is not only beneficial but actually recommended by researchers and gym experts. They improve your performance and make your gym experience a lot more positive.

So, there is absolutely no reason for you to avoid this popular gym culture. 

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