Can You Get Cauliflower Ear From Headphone Use?

Cauliflower ear is unattractive, and it increases your risk of developing other ear-related health issues. Fighters get it all the time, but is it possible to catch it from headphones?

Nobody wants to be concerned about ear problems, but we all enjoy music. Sadly, having a cauliflower ear can create pain and issues with wearing a headset in the future.

But then, what is cauliflower ear, what causes it, how can you prevent it, and can you get it from headphone use?

We will be answering these questions and more in this article. Read on to learn more.

What is cauliflower ear?

Cauliflower ear is a malformation that occurs due to acute ear trauma. While cauliflower ear is common among boxers, it is uncommon among DJs because headphones do not induce it.

If you see someone with this unusual injury wearing headphones, it’s safe to believe they received it from somewhere else.

The lumpy look of cauliflower ears may be due to an infection in some circumstances. This syndrome can be caused by anything that stops blood flow for a long period.

Furthermore, the best defense is to get treatment for ear problems as soon as possible.

Can you get cauliflower from headphone use?

Cauliflower ear usually results from injury to the ear, as mentioned earlier. There have been no records anywhere of headphones-caused cauliflower ear. Although it is common to have this fear, there is no evidence showing that headphone use causes cauliflower ear.

On the contrary, there are headphones that are tailor-made for people suffering from cauliflower ears.

Suppose you’ve ever had ear pain, whether, from a new piercing or a bad infection, you know how difficult it is to use a headset.

However, wearing a headset will not create a cauliflower ear, and it may even be beneficial in the event of a slight collision.

Even if it isn’t what you intended the headphones for in the first place, adding protective padding around your ear reduces any blunt force harm.

Now, we have asserted that headphones use does not cause cauliflower ear. However, if you are already suffering from it, you will be limited in the type of headphones to use.

Over-the-head headphones will be your best option, yet not all-the-head headphones will be good for you.

When selecting headphones for anyone with cauliflower ears, headphones with soft paddings should be your best option. These headphones will not put extra pressure on your ear.

Remember that though headphones don’t cause cauliflower ear, they can enhance the condition if they lack soft padding.

Secondly, headphones for cauliflower ear victims should have low volume. High-volume headphones can increase the pressure on your ear and further worsen the condition.

But low volume headphones will permit cauliflower ear victims to listen to music with many comforts.

Thirdly, get headphones with wide enough padding that your ears can conveniently fit in without any stress or pressure mounted on your ears. In this way, you can listen to music without affecting your ear condition.

Which headphones are best for cauliflower ear?

Anyone with cauliflower ears can use headphones, but you should choose them carefully because wearing firm leather headphones can cause ear pain.

However, some people will rightly advise against wearing headphones if you have cauliflower ears because the weight of your headphones can be a problem for your sick ears.

It’s challenging to find the best headphones for cauliflower ears because they are not designed specifically for cauliflower ears.

Most people with cauliflower ears desire headphones that are comfortable for a long time and match their demands. Water-resistant and comfy headphones are ideal for athletes with cauliflower ears.

So if you must use headphones while in this condition, we have chosen these headphones for you after considering sound quality, fit for cauliflower ears, and other factors such as weight.

They include AfterShokz, SOLE REPUBLIC, TREBLELAB X3-Pro wireless, Philips Fidelio X3 wired, and BlueParrot M300-XT HEADPHONES.

Let us take a look at each of the headphones.


The headphones are good because of the following qualities.

  • Audio quality.

These headphones provide excellent sound quality. You are free to listen to whichever music you like. There will be music playing all around you.

These headphones have a greater sound quality (low volume and smooth) than other headphones. As a result, we can conclude that their sound is quite well balanced.

Compared to traditional headphones, the audio quality of these headphones is quite good. You can use them to listen to phone calls as well.

  • Comfort.

The titanium frame is lightweight and flexible. Although generally, headphones are lightweight, making them easy to wear with cauliflower ears.

They won’t hurt your cauliflower ears if you use them all day.

  • Water and sweat-resistant.

The IP67 designation indicates that these headphones are sweat and water-resistant. The moisture detection alarm in these headphones will help you keep them protected from water.

So, if you’re a sportsperson with cauliflower ears, then these are the headphones for you. They’re suitable for running and working out.

  • Connectivity.

You may use Bluetooth to connect these headphones to any device. These headphones have a Bluetooth range of 6 feet.

Their connection is quite reliable and may be quickly switched between devices. This feature will permit you to switch from a high volume bad quality sound device to a better one.


  • Audio and sound quality.

These headphones provide good sound quality. An I5 sound driver will provide you with a detailed sound that will allow you to appreciate any music.

The audio is well-balanced and beneficial to the ears’ health. In a nutshell, the sound quality of these headphones is great.

  • Fit and design.

Sol republic headphones have a wired in-ear design.

With a crimson color and a decent appearance. These headphones will not be the most crucial benefit for people with cauliflower ears but because of their free flex technology, which ensures a universal fit they are good for cauliflower ears.

  • Comfort.

These headphones are extremely light, allowing you to wear them all day.

You can use them even if you’re riding a bike or want to listen to music in the cold.

They can also be worn beneath a helmet or hat because of their modest profile.

  • Water-resistant.

These headphones are water and perspiration-proof, which has made them more popular. They can be worn during exercises as well as in the rain. There’s also a carrying case to keep them dry in the weather because they’re only good for little raindrops.

As with AfterShokz headphones, they are good for cauliflower ears. The list above is not limited, you can find other options for the same purpose.


Pleasure, leisure, and work are activities every human will want in their lives.

But when some conditions set in, we may be bound to avoid certain activities in our day-to-day activities.

So if your cauliflower condition is too serious, you should consider avoiding headphones at all or choose to use earbuds for cauliflower ear.

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