Sauna Relaxation: Are Headphones Able to Survive Exposure




Sauna with amazing wood seats with blue light filtering in the back

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You might be wondering if taking your headphones inside the Sauna will improve your sauna experience.

Whether corded, Wireless, such as AirPods, or over-the-ear gadgets, headphones, by default, aren’t designed to handle the Sauna’s intense heat and humidity. So, can you wear headphones in a sauna?

“Yes,” but it will depend on the quality and the time spent in the Sauna. Quality headphones with an IP rating of at least 67 could be used safely in the Sauna for short periods.

Sauna with amazing wood seats with blue light filtering in the back

Can you take headphones into the Sauna?

You can’t wear headphones in a steam room or Sauna unless they are a unique design to resist high heat, dampness, and sweat. 

Most headphones, even those with an IPX rating of less than 7, would fail if introduced to the steam room or sauna environment due to condensation.

Also, the heat and moisture in the steam room and Sauna will cause a harsh environment for all electronic devices, including phones, iPods, and headphones, thus making it fail.

Why Should You Avoid Wearing a Headphone in a Steam room or Sauna?

Quality headphones with an IP rating of at least 67 could be used safely in the Sauna for short periods. Some headphone manufacturers state that you should not expose your headphones to extreme temperatures or humidity. 

As a result, the safest approach is to avoid wearing headphones inside the Sauna.

There are two key factors to consider when it comes to utilizing headphones in the Sauna: heat and humidity. Perhaps we should clarify the distinctions between dry and wet Sauna first.

  • A dry sauna heats the air around you by pouring water over heated rocks; some moisture is frequently added manually. There is a constant flow of air, which keeps the area dry but warm.
  • On the other hand, a steam room produces moist heat. Although the actual ambient temperature is lower than in a dry sauna, the moisture content is significantly higher.

Headphones that are powered by batteries have the potential to explode.

Without the batteries, all wireless headphones will not work. As a result, using them under excessive heat and humidity conditions is risky since most batteries will explode. 

Moreso, you’re at risk while the headphones are from or over your ears, besides risking damage.

Furthermore, saunas and steam rooms can achieve temperatures of up to 195°F (90°C), but manufacturers advise not to expose batteries to temperatures over 140°F (60°C). 

However, assuming your headphones’ batteries don’t blow up, there’s no way of knowing how the maximum temperature may affect battery life in the future.

Some headphones are designed to turn off automatically.

Some headphones come with an automatic shutdown function. Therefore, this function can be activated when you expose headphones to a hot or humid environment.

Thus, some headphones will stop when you are in the Sauna and continue to function when you’re out.

A high IPX rating does not protect against condensation.

If you’re familiar with IPX ratings, you realize how headphones with just an IPX7 grade are considered waterproof. On the other hand, Introducing the headphones to a particularly hot and humid environment might cause condensation, harming the drivers.

Also, the gaps established for microphones and speakers on the headphones are the entry points for condensation. Again, condensation-induced damage is far more likely to occur if your headphones are older or have a lower IPX7 rating.

Mold and bacteria grow in such environments.

Bacteria and mold will grow if you don’t clean your headphones regularly. The germs will multiply swiftly in a hot and humid atmosphere, primarily if headphones have ideal covers for their growth.

More reasons why you should not use headphones in saunas.

Sauna heat and humidity and human sweat cause headphones to be damaged in another way. Also, Sauna can cause headphones to become disgustingly and dangerously filthy.

Moreso, mold, and germs thrive in humid environments, and they love to breed and grow on the leather covering that surrounds the ear cups. 

Bacteria and mold are not only unattractive and stinky, but they are also harmful to your health. Ear infections are frequently connected to dirty headphones and earbuds.

What to do if headphones or earbuds get wet? 

If your headphones or earbuds get wet, the first thing you should do is remove them from the water. This is critical since prolonged contact with water increases the likelihood of moisture entering the circuitry.

Furthermore, your earbuds may be destroyed if moisture gets inside the circuitry. This can happen whenever you use the headphones/earphones or send audio signals when they’re wet. 

Moreover, a short circuit inside your headphones could be caused by impurities in the water. This could cause the circuit to burn out or break, permanently destroying your earbuds.

For security purposes, allow the headphones to air dry or dry completely before using them if they get wet.

What Happens If You Wear Earphones That Are Wet?

If you use your headphones when they are already wet, a short circuit may occur, resulting in damage.

Short circuits occur when contaminants in the water act as a conductor, electrifying every metallic component it comes into contact with inside the headphones. They are zapped and shocked.

Even Though wires, a circuit, and a magnet power the circuitry within your headphones. The earphones you’re wearing are essentially microscopic speakers.

They work in the same way as ordinary speakers do. Only earphones are small enough to fit in your ears.


It is not advisable to wear headphones in a sauna or steam room. This is because a 15-minute session has a good possibility of damaging your headphones. However, remember that a sauna or steam room’s damage is unlikely covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. 

But you will not want to go through getting a new headset due to damage. Therefore, leave your headphones at the front desk and concentrate on relaxing and getting the benefits of a steam room or sauna session.

What about damage to your health caused by a bacterial infection? It won’t be covered so the best help is to avoid using headphones in a sauna if they were not made to withstand high temperatures and humidity.

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