Why Do Earbuds Feature Mesh on the Buds?

I have owned earbuds and similar style in ear headphones for a very long time but I hadn’t realized until recently that there was reasons for the mesh inside the earbud depression, so what is the mesh on earbuds for? The mesh on wire earbuds is built to not only act like a filter but … Read more

Why Soul Nation Headphones Are Amazing

If you are looking for headphones, you may have stumbled upon some Soul Nation products. But among so many popular and reputed headphone brands, it’s natural for you to be a bit skeptical about the quality of this fairly new company. In that case, you might find yourself wondering, are soul headphones good? Actually, they … Read more

AirPod Care [ How to Fix a Pair of Wet Headphones ]

Your AirPods are probably one of your favorite accessories. Whether you’re at home chilling or going for a run, everyone loves having music to accompany them. Maybe you like listening to podcasts while working out or talking to friends while you work. Whatever the case, your headphones are a crucial part of your life. But … Read more