Waterproof MPOW Earphones: Safe For Use in the Shower?

A lot of people like to relax by listening to some music when they shower. Thankfully, there are tons of options available these days to listen to music in the shower, such as speakers, Alexa, and Google Home. But, can you use MPOW Flame in the shower? 

Yes, you can use waterproof earbuds in the shower. I would recommend getting the MPOW Flame though as they have an IPX rating of 7 or another set that is higher. Earphones with an IPX7 rating can be fully submerged for up to 30 minutes. So, you can easily shower with it.

But this is just an overview of the topic. In the article, I will go over in more detail how safe using earphones in the shower is. And what does it mean for earphones to be waterproof and water-resistant? And what do the different IPX ratings entail? Please read the article till the end to find out!

What Kind Of Waterproof Earphones Should You Get For The Shower?

Earphones that are water-resistant and waterproof are not completely immune to water. No earphones can be 100% resistant to water as they need holes for sound to travel.

However, they do provide some level of water resistance. As a result, you can go diving or shower with them on. 

But there are a few things you should consider about your waterproof earphones before buying them. 

IPX Rating

One of the most important factors relating to waterproof and water-resistant earphones is their IPX ratings. This rating describes the level of water protection the earbuds have. Later in the article, I will go over each rating in more detail. 

But basically, IPX1 to IPX4 only protect against water droplets, splashes, and sprays. This means they are resistant to sweat while running and maybe some minor splashes.

On the other hand, IPX5 to IPX9 can handle being submerged to a degree and jets of water from multiple directions. So, if you plan on listening to songs while showering, at a minimum, an IPX rating of 5 is required.

Noise Cancellation 

If you are going to shower, using earphones with a noise cancellation feature is the way to go. You do not want the sound of your songs to be drowned out by the sound of the shower. So, I recommend buying waterproof headphones that provide you with noise isolation or cancellation. 


The connectivity of your device is very important. Especially if the device you are connecting your earbuds to is not waterproof. As a result, you will need to put it in another room. So, if the connection keeps cutting out, you will not be able to enjoy your shower.

Therefore, I recommend looking for earbuds with at least Bluetooth 4.2. Some other earbuds, like the Mpow Flame, come with Bluetooth 5, providing a much more stable and stronger connection.

A Good Fit

When taking a shower with your earbuds on, nothing is more annoying than repeatedly falling out. Therefore, getting earbuds that fit your ears perfectly can be a huge plus. So, look for earbuds that come with different sizes of ear tips. As a result, you can switch to a tip that best fits you.

What Does Each IPX Rating Mean?

The IPX ratings give us an idea of how well protected the earbuds are from the water. Each of these ratings provides a different level of protection. Let us look at these different levels.

IPX1: Devices with an IPX rating of 1 usually have very low-level protection against liquids and dust. These earphones will not last against heavy rain, much less your shower beating down on them. Earphones with this rating are much more suited for running. Because this level of protection is enough to handle a little sweat and light rain.

IPX2: This is just a slight step up from the previous rating. As a result, it provides slightly more protection from the elements. An IPX2 rating means that it can withstand water droplets falling on it at a 15° angle for up to 10 minutes. Therefore, it can handle more sweat and rain.

IPX3: This is the next level of protection that shields the device from raindrops falling at a 60-degree angle. Though this is impressive, it is still not suitable for showers. However, you can still wear these in the rain for a little over 10 minutes.

IPX4: Devices with IPX4 start to receive real water protection. All devices with an IPX4 rating can withstand water from all directions. However, it is only capable of this for a short duration of time. So, I recommend against taking these into the shower.

IPX5: With IPX5, the device can handle water droplets hitting it from any direction. Continuously for 10 minutes. However, the protection is not that resilient. Thus, taking it into the shower with you may not be the best decision, and the cast still leads to it getting damaged.

IPX6: From IPX6 onwards, the earbuds can handle jets of water hitting them from all directions. It can handle this for 3 minutes. So, if you plan on taking a short shower that does not last more than 3 minutes, you can take this with you to the shower.

IPX7: With IPX7, you no longer need to worry about safety when it comes to showering with it. These earbuds can provide full protection even when submerged underwater for up to 30 minutes. 

IPX8: All devices with a rating of IPX8 can handle being submerged continuously. However, your mileage may vary based on what the manufacturer intended for the device.

IPX9: This is the current highest level of water protection you can get for your earphones. An IPX9 rating means it is fully protected against all types of water. This includes steaming jets of water and hot water.

How To Shower With Your Waterproof Earbuds?

Now that I have covered whether you can or cannot shower with waterproof earbuds, let us discuss how you can go about it. What is the best and safest way to enjoy your earbuds in the shower?

Firstly, you will need to connect your wireless earbuds to your phone or audio system. I recommend doing this before getting into the shower, as it might be difficult to set up with wet fingers. 

Secondly, place the device somewhere close to the bathroom if possible. And try to make sure nothing is blocking the signal. Once you are all set, get into the shower.

Something else that you should be careful of is the water directly hitting the earphones. If you are not careful, the earphones may pop out of your ears.

I recommend positioning your head in such a way that the water does not directly impact your earbuds. Also, you can try and reduce the water pressure. If your earphones are well fitted and secured, the water pressure will not force them out.

Lastly, be careful when cleaning and wiping around the area. I recommend a gentle touch while cleaning around the area with a washcloth or sponge. Too rough and you might need to readjust the earphones repeatedly.


You came to this article wondering: can you use MPOW Flame in the shower. I also talked about waterproof earbuds for shower and what features an earbud like this should have and how to shower with it. I hope this article was informative. 

Thank you for reading all the way to the end! Goodbye and Goodluck.

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