Why Do Open Back Headphones Sound Better?

When choosing a set of headphones, the pros and cons between closed-back and open-back models should be taken into careful consideration, so then, why do open back headphones sound better overall? Closed headphones stop airflow which impacts sound play, while open-back headphones allow airflow through and helps keep better sound quality with less echo, more … Read more

Head, Neck, or Jaw Aches from Headphones? Here is Why

When you buy wireless noise-canceling headphones, you are expecting nothing but the best and smooth sailing from there. The last thing you could have expected was that once you begin to use your very expensive headphones, you begin to feel pain in your jaw area, so can headphones make your jaw hurt? With headphones, there … Read more

Why Do Wired Headphones Need Batteries to Function?

While many wired headphones don’t require batteries, many do. Which leads you to the question of why do wired headphones need batteries since they are already connected? Wired headphones have passive speakers without power to drive better sound, when you add batteries into the mix you allow the ability to have higher quality speakers and … Read more

Why Does Chewing Sound Louder with Headphones?

You are not alone if you have noticed that when you put on your headphones and start listening to music, that if you begin to eat something during this span, you are able to hear your chewing much louder and more clearly than you can if there were no headphones. Sounds become louder when you … Read more