Using Headphones In Tandem With Hearing Aids

Close up image of a hearing aid and the shape - using hearing aids with headphones

Sometimes we can forget how privileged we are to be able to hear without any help from hearing aids. One of the things we all take for granted is listening to headphones. But what about those who do need hearing aids? Can you use hearing aids with headphones? Yes, you can. Hearing aids come in … Read more

How to Prep Headphones to Not Hurt and Crush Your Ears?

Not sure of any music lover or sports person, whether professional or for leisure, who has never heard and or used headphones. Any regular headphone user will testify of its benefits, from privacy to enjoy good quality music. However, like any other electronic device, headphones also have shortcomings, especially if you fail to use them … Read more

Can You Get Cauliflower Ear From Headphone Use?

Cauliflower ear is unattractive, and it increases your risk of developing other ear-related health issues. Fighters get it all the time, but is it possible to catch it from headphones? Nobody wants to be concerned about ear problems, but we all enjoy music. Sadly, having a cauliflower ear can create pain and issues with wearing … Read more