Skullcandy Durability: Are They Prone to Breaking?

Skullcandy has been a trend-setter in the headphone world. They taught the industry how fancy headphones should be. But recently, there have been numerous complaints against Skullcandy headphones regarding their overall quality. Social media is overwhelmed with the question- why do Skullcandy headphones always break

Compared to headphones from other brands, Skullcandy headphones tend to break easily. Most probably, the reason is their new cost-cutting policy of using substandard materials. Skullcandy had to cut production costs to survive in the market after their profits dropped dramatically. The ultimate result is the random breaking of the headphones.

After reading this article, you will get an answer to the question- why do Skullcandy earbuds break easily? You will also learn about the common reasons that can break any headphone. Besides, this article includes a complete guide to taking care of headphones.

Is Skullcandy A Below-Standard Headphone Brand?

To judge the Skullcandy brand, we have to go through the whole journey of the once acclaimed headphones brand. The story of Skullcandy is as exciting as cinema.

The Beginning

At the beginning of the millennium, headphones came only in plain design and technology, like any necessary gear. The situation remained the same until Skullcandy came into existence in 2003.

The new company single-handedly changed the look of the headphone industry. It was a start-up project of a young entrepreneur- Rick Alden.

From the beginning, Skullcandy targeted the younger generation as their potential buyers. The headphones came up with many innovative ideas, such as hearing music on one earbud while talking on the phone with another earbud.

Until then, people saw headphones only in a few colors. Skullcandy introduced headphones in 1,200 colors within their first five years.

The Skullcandy Age

After Skullcandy, people began to think of headphones as a fashion item to wear. Teenagers started wearing headphones like trendy sneakers. At that point, Skullcandy was the only headphone brand to dominate the whole market.

Another reason for the outstanding performance of Skullcandy is its innovative and effective marketing policies. 

Skullcandy managed to involve celebrities, and social influencers to promote their headphones to the younger generation.

The company is the pioneer in using the network of sports utility shops to get the attention of a particular group of potential clients. Skullcandy targeted the snowboarding niche in particular with great success.

The Fall Of Skullcandy

Skullcandy succeeded in launching a new genre in the headphone industry with its vibrant color policy and trendy styling.

However, their monopoly in the market lasted till 2010, when other companies brought colorful and various designer headphones to the market. The big blow came from the headphone manufacturer, Beats

The rest of the story of Skullcandy is a real tragedy. After Beats, other companies like Apple also made dramatic progress in their headphone technology and design.

On the other hand, Skullcandy failed to keep up the rhythm with other giant corporations. As a result, Skullcandy lost most of its market share.

And The Quality Falls

After losing the monopoly in the innovative headphones market, the profit margin of Skullcandy came down drastically. The share price of the company decreased many times. To survive the loss, the company changed its policy and focused on reducing production costs.

From the deteriorating quality of the Skullcandy headphones, we can assume that they managed to get down the production cost simply by using substandard materials.

Otherwise, there is no explanation for the sudden drop in the quality of Skullcandy headphones. As a result, some of the lesser Skullcandy headphones now break without any solid reason, their better quality headphones like the Crusher Evo have a much better lifespan.

What Are The Common Reasons For Earbuds To Break?

There are many reasons for earbuds to break the main reason remains the user’s carelessness. Here I have listed some of the main reasons for breaking earbuds.

Folding The Cord Into Knots

You will find many people around you who have the habit of folding the headphone cord while listening to music. It can eventually cause the earbuds of the headphones to break.

If your headphone cord is very long, you should carefully roll and bind it to the desired length.

Traveling Without A Headphone Case

When you travel to many places, your focus remains on the adventures only. If you are taking your headphones on your tour, it is very much possible to get them damaged with all those fast movements.

The solution is to carry the headphones in a proper case.

Sleeping With Headphones

Taking earbuds to bed while sleeping is a common cause of earbuds breaking. Nobody can stay still in their sleep.

So, your chances of breaking the earbuds of the headphone are very high when you are making sudden movements in your sleep with the headphone in your bed.

Dropping The Headphones

I have damaged many headphones by dropping them on the ground, especially outdoors. If you have the habit of jogging while listening to music with your headphones, you will know what I am saying.

You have to be extra cautious with your headphones when you take them out of the house.

Sharing A Headphone

Many of us tend to share headphones with friends. The riskiest sharing of headphones happens when two people hear from a single headphone.

It is important to understand that headphones are personal belongings that you should not share with others. Besides, sharing headphones can spread diseases too.

How To Take Care Of Headphones?

By design, headphones are vulnerable and can easily be damaged. Besides, they lose performance if you do not take care of them regularly.

Regular Cleaning

Like any electronic device, dirt is the main enemy of any headphone. To make your headphones last longer, you need to clean them regularly. At least once a week, remove the rubber earbuds from the headphones and clean them with a wet cloth. 

Use A Box

In most cases, your headphones get damaged when you do not use them. That is why it is crucial to keep your headphones in a box when you are not listening to music with them.

You have to keep the box clean all the time. Otherwise, the dirt from our case will shorten the life of your headphones.

Unplug The Headphone

Do you have the habit of keeping the headphones attached to the source device of music even when you are not listening anymore? Change it immediately because this practice puts the headphones in danger of sudden pulling.

Instead, make a habit of unplugging the headphones when you are not using them. 

Do Not Pull the Cable

In most cases, you will see people pulling the cable to unplug the headphones hurriedly after they are done using them. It is dangerous for the headphones. 

By pulling the headphones by the cable, you are putting a lot of pressure on the joint between the cable and the plug. That is why you see so many headphones damaged at the beginning of the cable and the plug.

Do Not Keep it in Bed

It is a good idea to listen to music before sleeping. But if you keep your headphones in the same bed you are sleeping you are putting them at risk. Because you can tear down the headphones while changing sides in your sleep. 

Final Words

I am confident that after reading this article, you now know the answer to the question- why do Skullcandy headphones always break. I believe you are now more prepared to make the right decision on buying a headphone for yourself. 

Besides, following the instructions of this article can ensure a long life for your headphones.

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