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The increasing demand for quality headphones proves that people cannot get enough of music. In this world of chaos, good headphones can be your refuge. When people talk about good headphones, they usually mention one among two brands: Soul or Beats. But, in the battle of Soul headphones vs. Beats, which side should you choose?

In this article, I’ll compare the two iconic headphone brands: Soul and Beats. If you carefully follow the comparison of Soul VS Beats, you will get a good idea of the two headphones. It will help you decide which one will best fit your demands. So, stick around till the end!

Soul VS Beats Headphones: In-Depth Comparison

Soul and Beats are two prominent brands that always produce iconic headphones. If you need to choose one of the two great brands, you must evaluate every detail of the headphones of the two renowned brands.

However, you have to remember that not all good features are suitable for all.

Advantages Of Soul Headphones

First, let’s look at all the advantages you will enjoy if you use Soul headphones. I believe you will love the unique innovations of Soul Electronics. 

Sweat Resistance

Soul headphones have resistance to sweat. It means you can use the headphones while jogging or doing any physical activity without doing any harm to the headphones. Most importantly, sweat cannot enter the earbuds and cause damage to the electrical equipment inside.


The headphones of Soul have a design to endure any challenges from the weather. Soul uses some extra seals on their headphones to make them work even after being in touch with dust and raindrops.

Tangle-Free Cable 

A tangled cable of headphones is a curse for music lovers. Soul Electronics understands this. That’s why they have used some particular materials to make cables for the headphones that do not get tangled easily. 

L-Shaped Plug

Soul headphones have L-shaped plugs. If the headphone plug has the shape of the English letter “L,” the cables get extra protection from sudden snatches. Besides, maintaining the wire on an L-shaped plug is easier. 

Passive Noise Reduction

The earbuds of the Soul headphones sit tight in your ears, making an acoustic seal. This eliminates all other noises from around you and lets you sink deep into the music.

High-Frequency Sounds

Soul headphones can produce sounds at a very high frequency. The manufacturer claims that the headphones can create sounds up to 20,000Hz frequency. Higher frequency audio means clear and crispy trebles. 

Active Noise Cancellation

The active noise reduction feature of Soul headphones lets you listen to low-volume sounds. As a result, you can listen to music for a long time without experiencing any ear fatigue. The low volume of the headphones also keeps your ears healthy. This feature helps concentrate on music when there is a lot of noise around you.

Control panel

Soul headphones have a control panel on the cable. You can control the volume from there without interacting with the player device. You can also play and stop music from the control panel.

Advantages Of Beats Headphones

Now, let us talk about some benefits of using Beats headphones. Some features of the headphones are so addictive that you will not find many people changing headphone brands who listen to Beats headphones.

Stereo Speakers

When a device produces music from two channels with different volumes, you get a sound that resembles real life. These are stereo sounds. Beats headphones have stereo sound technology to entertain you with a richer sound.

Low-Frequency Sounds

To feel the bass sounds of the music with your heart, you need to hear the low-frequency sounds. Beats headphones can play sounds as low as 20 Hz. So, if you are a bass-lover, you simply cannot say no to Beats headphones.

Alternative to Headset

You can use Beats headphones as an independent headset. As you know, headsets have built-in microphones, and you need them for two-way online communication. So, using Beats headphones can save you the money you would have had to pay for a separate microphone. 

Wireless Connection

You can connect your Beats microphone to a phone, laptop, or PC without a wire. It means more freedom of movement while enjoying your music. Beats always use the latest Bluetooth technology to connect any device wirelessly.


On average, Beats headphones are 26 grams lighter than Soul headphones. The figure may sound very small. However, as you need to carry your headphones almost all day, every gram counts. 

Control Panel

Like Soul headphones, Beats headphones also have a control panel to increase or decrease the volume. You can also start and stop playing music or radio using the control panel.

Folding Option

You can fold a Beats headphone to reduce its size. This feature works great to protect the headphone when you are not listening to music with them. Besides, folder headphones are easy to carry from one place to another. 

Soul VS Beats: Winner Revealed 

In the following table, I have compared headphones of Soul and Beats brands on a microscopic level. Following the table, you can check which headphone has most of your favorite features.

FeatureSoul (Available?)Beats (Available?)Winner
Stereo SpeakersNoYesBeats
Sweat ResistanceYesNoSoul
Can Be FoldedNoYesBeats
Tangle-Free CablesYesNoSoul
L-Shaped PlugYesNoSoul
Passive Noise ReductionYesNoSoul
Noise ControlYesNoSoul
Wireless ConnectivityNoYesBeats
Use as a HeadsetNoYesBeats
Control PanelYesNoSoul

Two Great Headphones From Soul & Beats

Here I have picked two of the finest headphones from both the Soul and Beats brands. Both of these headphones are of superb quality. 

Soul Electronics Ultra

Soul electronics’ Ultra headphone comes with neodymium driver technology. It makes the bass of any song more prominent. Besides, the overall audio quality has become superior with this new technology. The Bluetooth 5 wireless connectivity ensures a higher data transmission rate, which means uninterrupted listening to deep music.

This headphone is a flagship product of the renowned Soul Electronics. It has the deep, low bass that only this headphone can produce to captivate your thoughts for a long time.

Apart from that, many other features of the headphones can make you fall in love with them, including an adjustable leatherette headband, ear-cup design, 36 hours of playtime, and the list is long!

Do you think headphones are too big to be carried everywhere? Fortunately, Soul Ultra headphones are foldable. The feature is called Fold-Flat. Moreover, it ensures easy, safe, and convenient storage of the headphones. 

Beats Studio3 Headphone

The Studio3 headphones have everything that makes a great Beats headphone. The adaptive noise-canceling technology will give you a new experience of noise-free music.

This headphone, with the Real-time audio calibration feature, ensures that you are using the most up-to-date audio technologies.

Once recharged, you can continuously use these headphones for 22 hours. The secret to long-lasting power is a lithium-ion battery. The headphones have a special chip inside called Apple W1. As a result, it can ensure foolproof connectivity with the source device. 

You can recharge the Studio3 headphones very quickly. If you charge the headphones for only 10 minutes, you can use them for around three hours. 

Bottom Line on Beats Vs Soul

It is impossible to declare any single brand as a clear winner in the comparison battle of Soul headphones VS Beats. Nobody can say for certain which features are suitable for everyone and which are not. It depends on your personal preferences if you like any particular innovation in headphones.

So, after knowing all the details about them, you should use your judgment when it comes to choosing your side in the fight of Soul VS Beats.

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