How to Disinfect Earbuds and Keep Ears Safe

In order to effectively clean your earbuds, you can use rubbing alcohol, a toothbrush, or a cotton swab. These methods will help you clean the earbuds without damaging them. To clean your earbuds properly, you must follow the directions carefully and thoroughly. Then, use a soft-bristled brush to remove the dirt and bacteria. Be careful … Read more

How to Deep Clean Earbuds

Close up of wired earbuds that are super clean and no visible defects

If you’re having trouble keeping your earbuds looking fresh, it’s time to learn how to deep clean earbuds. Here are some tips. Use a cloth that’s soft and non-abrasive, and wash the earbuds with warm water and antibacterial soap. If you’re having trouble cleaning the wires, you can mix hand soap or liquid detergent with … Read more