Headphone Use With Nintendo Switch Pro Controllers

Nintendo Pro Controller for Nintendo Switch in hand of man, black console for gamers on white

For many gamers, having headphones supportability in a gaming device is very important. Now, if you are planning on buying a Nintendo Switch controller, you should have an overall basic idea of its sound system. Since most people still use headphones for gaming, I will discuss whether Switch controllers have sound supportability. Although the Nintendo … Read more

Turtle Beach Mic Issues (Our Steps to Resolve ASAP)

Gamer wearing Turtle Rock Headphones

It is a frustrating experience when your mic stops working on your Turtle Beach gaming headset microphone. When this happens, don’t panic! Check out the 3 solutions below to help you fix the issue and get back to gaming in no time. If your Turtle Beach headphones have issues with the microphone there are a … Read more