Headphone Use With Nintendo Switch Pro Controllers

Nintendo Pro Controller for Nintendo Switch in hand of man, black console for gamers on white

For many gamers, having headphones supportability in a gaming device is very important. Now, if you are planning on buying a Nintendo Switch controller, you should have an overall basic idea of its sound system. Since most people still use headphones for gaming, I will discuss whether Switch controllers have sound supportability. Although the Nintendo … Read more

Headphones vs Speakers: Which Performs Best For Gamers

Your gaming experience can be radically enhanced by the device you’re using to listen to in-game sounds, and gamers are divided on which device performs best for games: headphones or speakers? If you’re looking to decide which would be best for the ultimate gaming experience for you, here are a few things you should consider. … Read more

Why eSports Pros Use Earbuds AND Headphones

Among various esports tournaments, the LAN events are the most explosive and exciting because of the live audience. If you follow LAN events, you will notice that pros use an earbud and a headphone at the same time. But, why do esports players do that? This is exclusive to LAN tournaments because LAN events are … Read more