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The ever-increasing variety of electrical accessories can overwhelm the average buyer. Like, everyone could understand what wireless headphones were. The name itself is pretty descriptive. But with the introduction of True Wireless Stereo or TWS earbuds, things started to get confusing.

True Wireless technology uses much of the same techniques as regular wireless technology does. However, it is truly what it says it is. Not every piece of the TWS possesses any kind of wire. This is not true for regular Bluetooth headphones.

Understanding and comparing the two systems can help you make a decision when you don’t know which earpiece to buy. 

So, to make an informed decision, dive right into the article on what does tws mean earbuds!

What Is TWS Technology?

Anyone wondering what tws earbuds mean needs to understand the TWS technology first. TWS is short for True Wireless Stereo. It refers to audio technology that is truly independent of any kind of wires or cables.

The TWS technology combines three parts. Firstly, a source device. This device sends out the primary signal. It might be a smartphone, laptop, tablet, or pc.

Secondly, a master and a slave device. The master device receives the signal from the source device. After that, it forwards the signal to the slave device.

The master device maintains two connections at the same time. Therefore, a secondary cable is not required.

TWS Devices And Modes Of Signal Transmission

True Wireless Stereo technology is used in TWS earbuds and TWS speakers. Most TWS devices use Bluetooth. That’s because Bluetooth-enabled machines are more abundant in our life.

It gives the TWS device a larger number of connectable audio sources.

TWS devices also use infrared, radio frequency, and Kleer. Infrared wireless works kind of like the same way your television remote does.

Infrared can give a very immersive audio experience. The only problem is that infrared has a much-limited range of distance.

Headsets using radiofrequency have a huge distance range. A user can be 91 meters away from the source device and still experience a good connection. It’s almost like a small radio station.

Kleer is the latest addition to TWS technology. Kleer consumes less battery power and has a range of about 50 feet.

The manufacturers of Kleer claim that it can provide 16 bit CD quality sound.

What Does TWS Earbuds Mean?

Wireless Bluetooth technology was already in the market. So, when TWS came along, it was somewhat confusing. Well, TWS earbuds mean earbuds that apply True Wireless Technology.

In other words, it does not have even a secondary cable. Unlike normal wireless Bluetooth headphones, where the two earphones are connected by a wire.

How Does It work?

In TWS earbuds, the smartphone or laptop is the source device. It sends a signal to one of the earbuds. That earbud works as the master device. Further, the signal is sent to the other earbud.

Some TWS earbuds don’t have a master and slave device. They establish a connection between both the earbuds at first.

After that, the source device connects to both earbuds equally. It sends out a simultaneous signal to all the earbuds.

As a result, the audio experience is much more continuous and all-around.

TWS Earbuds Vs. Wireless Headphones-The Differences

TWS earbuds and wireless headphones can pose quite a dilemma for the buyer. This brings them to question which is better headphones or TWS?

Well, it depends on which is better for you and suits your purpose. A careful comparison between the two can help you make a decision.

Size And Convenience

The first thing to consider is size. TWS earbuds tend to be small and light. On the other hand, wireless headphones are usually bulky.

When you plan to use the earpiece outdoors or in an office situation, you might prefer the TWS earbuds more. It attracts less attention to your ears, looks stylish, and is more convenient.

Wireless headphones have some kind of wire or neckpiece connecting the headphones. This is the most visible difference with TWS.

While you are jogging, running, or riding a bike, the wire can feel uneasy. Here again, TWS seems more preferable.

Sound Performance

When it comes to sound quality, headphones do have an upper hand. Between a headphone and a TWS earbud of the same range, the headphone will give better sound quality.

As headphones are larger, they have bigger drivers than TWS earbuds.

So, if your primary reason for purchasing headphones is to watch movies or play video games in your bedroom, going for wireless headphones would be a smart choice.

However, TWS earbuds are much better at shutting out noise naturally. Compared to headphones, earbuds can seal the ear more.

As a result, earbuds can effectively cancel out distractive environmental sounds. But of course, this is no match for noise-canceling headphones.

Portability And Charging

TWS earbuds are better for portability. Firstly, they are small and concise. You can easily carry them in a small box. Secondly, they have excellent battery life.

In addition, charging TWS earbuds is hassle-free. You can place the earbuds in their charging pod while you are busy with other things.

This pod comes with the TWS earbuds when you buy them. You can carry the pod anywhere. And it charges very fast.


Fluffy headphones are of course more comfortable than small earbuds. Many earbud users complain of mild pain when they use the buds for prolonged periods.

Another problem is that the earbuds tend to slip out. So, when you are binge-watching Game Of Thrones or The Office, use your Bluetooth headphones.


True wireless stereos are smaller. And they don’t have a connecting piece. These two characteristics make them less prone to damage than bulkier wireless headphones.

However, this also makes it easier to lose a TWS earbud compared to a wireless headphone.

If the lost earbud was the master device, the whole true wireless system would stop working. In short, there are some obvious differences between the two techniques.

Anyone with a limited budget should consider these carefully before purchasing.

Should You Buy TWS Earbuds?

From the above discussion, it’s quite understandable who will benefit the most from buying a TWS earbud. The TWS earbuds are best for work and travel. Meanwhile, the headphones are best for indoor entertainment (binge-watching movies, playing online games, etc).

Busy Office Workers

TWS earbuds can be helpful when you are working in an office environment. If your job demands a lot of phone conversations and walking around the office space, then you should go for the TWS.

Fitness Enthusiasts

TWS earbuds are strongly recommended for gym rats. Wireless headphones are popular among workout fanatics too.

However, the neckband or the wire connecting the two earpieces can be discomforting. This is why you should go for TWS if you have the option.

Moreover, the noise-canceling quality of the Total Wireless Stereo earbuds lets you focus more easily on your workouts.


The superior portability and charging features make the TWS earbuds ideal for travelers.

True wireless stereo earbuds take very little space in your luggage. You can even carry them in your pocket.

And because they are small and have absolutely no wires, the earbuds are less prone to damage.

Any travel enthusiast in their right mind will choose a TWS over wireless headphones.


I hope this article on what does tws mean earbuds was able to clear all the confusions you had.

Although wireless headphones and stereo sound similar, they come with different features! It is not a question of which one is better.

Rather, you have to figure out which one fits you the best. Thank you for sticking around till the end!

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