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Why Football Players Wear Headphones All the Time Pre-Game

If you are a fan of the National Football League, you probably notice that a lot of the time an NFL player is not in his complete uniform, he has some type of headphones on while he walks into the stadium, does his pregame warmups, and even afterward as he gets ready to leave the stadium.

Football players are under an immense amount of pressure from fans, teams, and themselves so they choose to stay focused and calm while warming up. The benefits of wearing headphones are that they focus on their training by themselves and from their coaching staff to maximize results.

There are multiple reasons a football player decides to wear his headphones. The reasons can vary from getting themselves pumped for the game or wanting to focus and get in the right mindset they will need to do their jobs on the field.

Let’s take a look at why football players wear headphones.

Keeping Away the Distractions

Whether the football player is on the field or making his way to the locker room, there are a lot of things that can ruin his concentration and affect how he plays on the field.

Professional football players are like celebrities so when they are walking to their locker room, there will be paparazzi, reporters, and even fans trying to get their attention for an autograph, a quick interview, or even a photo.

Even when you go beyond the sport of football, professional athletes have a strict routine and ritual that they stick with to make sure they are sharp. Very rarely will you find an athlete doing pregame interviews or photoshoots?

They know they are there to do a job and to perform at their peak. When they break from their routine, they run the risk of something out of their control happening and ruining what is usually a spot-on routine.

These football players will usually wear noise-canceling headphones while playing various kinds of music to get them ready.

Maybe the most important time that a professional football player is wearing headphones to keep away any distractions is during their pregame warmups.

While the seats in the stadium are never as close to capacity as they get when the actual game starts, there are quite a few fans there in the stands eager to watch the players warm-up for the big game and get a few heckles in there if they can as well.

It does not matter if the football player is getting ready in Minnesota or Philadelphia for a game, they are bound to hear things they definitely do not want to hear. A football player’s pregame warmup is vital to them.

This is where they do all their stretching before the game and do drills to make sure that both their mind and more importantly their body is ready to go to fight on the field.

It does not matter if the player is getting ready in their home stadium or away stadium, or if they are their home fans or opposing fans.

Players get heckled like crazy. That is why you see them out on the field with their headphones on while they loosen up and do drills. The last thing they want is to hear fans get after them and possibly get in their heads.

Staying Focused and Getting Pumped is Vital to Football Players

While football can be seen as just a game. It is more than that when it comes to these football players. For them, football is their entire lives.

It is their livelihood. So that is why it is important for them to stay focused on what they have to do on the field.

One of the biggest parts of a football player getting focused is mentally preparing themselves while getting themselves pumped for what they have to do.

While some players may be able to get themselves there by themselves, a lot of football players wear headphones and listen to music that can get their adrenaline pumping.

After all, these players are preparing to go to war against other professional athletes, they need whatever advantage they can take. Whether the football player is listening to rap, hip hop, country, or rock.

They make sure the only thing they can hear is their music and thoughts, that way they can get to that place mentally they so desperately have to get to. Wearing headphones helps them reach that goal

What Kind of Headphone Does a Football Player Use?

Most of the time you will notice that professional football players will not be seen wearing small headphones like AirPods and earbuds. Instead, they usually have on the bigger headphones that cancel out the noise so the only thing they hear is what they choose to hear.

Football players also will almost never be seen wearing headphones that have wires attached to them. Almost all professional athletes can be seen wearing wireless headphones as this is both better for style and comfort.

When a football player is out on the field warming up, the last thing they want to happen is for their music to be unplugged when they are doing all their exercise and warmups.

All that does is raise the risk of ruining their routine, and as stated above, routine is everything for these football players.

Can You Afford These Headphones?

If you are someone who is looking into getting the type of headphones that football players use, just know that they do not come cheap, most of them will be at least $180 to $1000s.

The kind of headphones you see the football players use will more than likely cost you in the hundreds of dollars range. So just be prepared to make a dent in your account when you go to purchase your pair of headphones.

Final Thoughts on Why Do Football Players Wear Headphones

In the end, there are a lot of reasons for football players to wear headphones but the two main reasons are both their focus and getting themselves ready to do the grueling job they are about to try and complete.

Football is war and these athletes need as much help as they can get to be ready for it. That is why you see football players wearing headphones.

So next time you see them wearing those headphones, you will be able to understand what they are doing and how they are preparing.

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