Can Wearing Headphones Cause Hair Loss Over Time?




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There are several ways in which headphones are used nowadays, including gaming, streaming, listening to music, at work, and watching videos. However, most people wonder if wearing headphones frequently will result in hair loss. 

If that is the question bothering you right now, worry no more. This article will take care of your worry.

With most people engaging in careers like music, streaming, and hobbies with a high demand for headphone usage, they tend to wonder if it will lead to hair loss. As unbelieving as it may seem, excessive use of headphones can lead to hair loss.

Do headphones cause hair loss?

Yes! Headphones do cause hair loss. It is a disease termed medically as traction alopecia, which results from the headphones being too tight and the band pulling your hair from its root.  However, occasionally wearing headphones will not lead to hair loss.

Why do headphones cause hair loss?

Hair loss as a result of headphone usage can be for the following reasons:

  • Constantly wearing tight headphones. The constant wearing of the headphones that fit extremely tight to your hair puts pressure on the hair follicles, making them weak and eventually falling out.

Also, wearing headphones too tight also pulls your hair from the roots, which makes the hair fall out.

  • Tight rubber cushioning. The rubber cushioning might be too tight and, as such, heats that particular area of the head, causing sweating which leads to the hair falling out.
  • The headphone design. The headphone might be designed in such a way that while pulling the headphone out of the head, portions of hair get entangled and get pulled out along with the headphone

How to check if you have hair loss due to headphones

They are many different reasons behind hair loss. However, only some particular symptoms relate to being a result of headphones.

  • The earliest signs are red dots on your scalp, similar to pimples, particularly on the front.
  • Most of the time, you will experience an unusual headache.
  • Experiencing irritation in your hair follicles is another symptom.
  • You can identify the condition worsening by missing and broken hairs along your scalp.
  • Stinging and itchy sensations on your head.

The most common occurrence of hair loss is towards the front of the forehead. However, traction alopecia can occur anywhere on the scalp.

How do you avoid having hair loss due to headphones?

You do not have to stop using your headphones for fear of losing your hair. There are ways you can use your headphones yet not lose your hair.

Explore the following.

Wear your headphones differently.

Instead of wearing the headphones normally with their band against your scalp, try putting the band at the back of your head.

The band dangles in the air with no pressure on your head.

Purchase headphones with an adjustable headband.

Using an adjustable band is another quick fix for you. It enables you to either reduce or increase the band to fit your head size and shape.

This way, it prevents the headphones from being too tight and keeps you comfortable without pulling your hair. Headphones nowadays are made with adjustable headbands.

Your headphones are considered outdated if they don’t possess one, and you should consider getting a new pair with adjustable headbands.

Wear headphones on a cap.

One of the easiest prevention of hair loss associated with headphones is wearing your headphones on a cap.

In this way, the headphones can no longer touch your hair and therefore saves your hair from being pulled by the headphones, thus preventing traction alopecia.

However, wear a cap that does not pull hard on your hair or is extremely tight on your head. This prevents you from causing additional unwanted damage to your hair.

Avoid Excessive Use of headphones.

Wearing headphones for about an hour daily shouldn’t cause you any hair damage. Traction alopecia is rare, and you’ll need to wear headphones that pull your hair for way too long to have it.

Using headphones excessively has a massive contribution to hair loss. If you must use them, then you should consider taking breaks. Try limiting your wearing of headphones to at most 4hours at a time.

Serious health issues are associated with headphones; ear pain, headache, losing body balance, and loss of hearing ability.

Replacing headphones with earphones or earbuds.

If the above options don’t work for you, you can switch to earbuds, which are better than headphones. Earbuds are easy to use, light weighted and you don’t require you wearing them on the head, which sometimes seems to be a burden

Bluetooth earbuds are most preferred and considered the ideal device for casual use. There is no weight on the head, easy to move around with, and most importantly, no band to pull on your hair.

Headphone types you should avoid.

Though all headphones can cause hair loss, there are some whose effects are severe depending on design and features.

The following are headphone types you should avoid:

  • Headphones that fit extremely tight to your head
  • Headphones with very wide bands
  • The headphones with non-adjustable headbands

Can tractor alopecia be treated?

Although there isn’t an instant cure for traction alopecia, treatment at its early stage can regrow hair.

If you start experiencing hair loss and suspect the cause is traction alopecia, you should see a dermatologist as early as possible.

The Dermatologist will help assess the damage and provide relief and the necessary healing remedies.

However, the treatment, especially that for hair growth, doesn’t guarantee an immediate cure for traction alopecia.

It takes several months and efforts for effective treatment of your hair and your scalp to return to normal.

There is the saying, “prevention is better than cure .”Try following the prevention methods stated above as a possibility to avoid traction alopecia.

What are some other causes of hair loss?

Hair loss is not an exclusive cause of headphone usage, there exist different causes of hair loss that you should know so you will be able to decipher the cause of your hair loss before seeking solutions.

  • Hereditary hair loss.

It is termed medically androgenic alopecia. It develops in both men and women and results from inherited genes that cause your hair follicles to shrink and eventually stop growing. 

  •  Age

Hair growth slows down with age which results in hair loss. 

  • Cancer treatment.

Undergoing cancer treatments such as chemotherapy or radiation to your head or neck can cause you to lose all or most of your hair within a few weeks of commencing treatment.

However, your hair eventually starts growing within months of finishing treatment. It can even grow at a faster pace with the help of Dermatologists.

  •  Haircare.

Coloring, perming, or relaxing your hair over time could lead to hair loss. This aspect of hair loss is very rampant nowadays as most people engage in such hair care methods.

  • Hairstyles that pull on your scalp.

This is another cause of traction alopecia. Wearing your hair tightly pulled back frequently can lead to permanent hair loss. Hair regrowth, in this case, isn’t possible and can only be prevented by making some changes in your hairstyle.


Headphone usage can result in hair loss, as explained in this article. To avoid hair loss due to headphone usage, the implementation of the preventive measures stated in this article will be helpful.

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