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While many of the highest quality bone conduction headphones will be over $100 in cost there are some good options available at a value in more budget-friendly value.

While these may be missing some things that come standard in more expensive versions the issues have to do with features like longer battery life or more weight.

For most of these, they will have a lack in at least a component, if you can push your budget to about $30 you can move from this bracket into a solid option in the OpenMove by AfterShokz.

Best Bone Conduction Headphones Under 50

Vidonn Sports

The lightweight and comfortable Vidonn wireless bone conduction stereo headphones are a safe alternative to traditional sports headphones or earbuds.

This headphone has a proprietary bone-conducting design that allows the sound to transmit through the user’s teeth, open earbuds for improved audio, and a secure fit.

F1 is designed specifically for athletes, so you can take your phone call and listen to quality music with the safety of a secure and sweat-proof fit.

Vidonn Bluetooth Wireless Bone Conduction Headphones Earbuds IP65
9.1/10My Score
  • 【BONE CONDUCTION TECHNOLOGY】Open-Ear Design – Patented bone conduction headphones deliver premium audio through the cheekbone. Unlike over ear headphones, Aeropex keeps you connected and aware of your surroundings
  • 8 HOURS OF MUSIC & CALLS – Enjoy 8 continuous hours of music or podcasts.
  • IP65 WATERPROOF RATING – Completely sweat and waterproof earphones for workouts, fitness and running. Ergonomic design for comfortable wearing make sure you do sport freely and do not worry about falling out. IP65 waterproof to resist light rain and sweat for sports. ABS + titanium alloy enable the headphone lightweight but durable
  • 【BLUETOOTH V5.0 FAST PAIRING】The latest bluetooth v5.0 technology bring faster wireless paring with your device, more stable connection and 33ft signal(No barrier space)
  • 【VIDONN BRAND WARRANTY】Vidonn Bone Conduction Headphones provide 12 months warranty to ensure the enjoyment of your purchase. If you have any questions, Please feel free to contact us.

With its high-quality materials and the latest Bluetooth chip, the latest version of Bluetooth bone conduction headphones is perfect for those who go running or biking.

SLuB Bone Conduction Headphones

Enjoy your music and your moments without shutting out the world around you. open-ear headphones allow you to hear it all as open-ear headphones offer unmatched access to audio but also the real world.

The earphones adopt a completely enclosed design in order to prevent your daily rain and sweat from penetrating. They are made with a skin-friendly material that can be easily refreshed with just a simple wiping down, which makes them great for the active lifestyle.

By using high-gloss metal and a titanium alloy skeleton, the earphone can automatically adjust to different head shapes without causing distortions.

HPTCCC IPX6 Bone Conduction Headphones

The Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity provides convenient multipoint pairing with any and all Bluetooth devices, including iOS and Android tablets, Mac and PC computers, as well as laptops.

The IPX6 certified headphones provide a seamless experience for our listeners in all industries. They are sweat, dust, and moisture resistant to withstand the rigorous demands of running.

Weighing just 26g, the whole unit is lighter than an egg. Ergonomically designed with titanium skeleton and non-sensitive body for your everyday wear.

These bone conduction wireless headphones give you 5 hours of continuous music, podcasts, and calls on a single charge. Surround sound technology ensures rich bass and wide audio range, making it perfect for mobile use.

Vidonn F3 Sport Earphones w/Mic

Unlike traditional earbuds, audio is delivered through your cheekbones, not via air. Much lighter.

Enjoy a comfortable listening experience without affecting the environment around you with these special bone conduction headphones that deliver clear sound directly to your eardrums and do all-day daylight-savings compatibility.

Vidonn F3 bone conduction headphones deliver audio through your cheekbones to your inner ear.

F3 is based on F1 and uses Vidonn’s newly developed vibrator, which reduces sound leakage by 40%. CVC call noise reduction technology is also used in line with the safety fit design making it the ideal Bluetooth headset for sports.

TOKANI Open Ear Wireless Sports Headphones

This open-ear headset can deliver sound through your cheekbones to your cochleas. The design is great for people who don’t want anything on their ears. It allows you to hear everything going on around you as well as the music. It’s safe and comfortable, making it ideal for running outside or any type of outdoor activity.

IPX6 waterproof and sweatproof sports headphones guarantee a worry-free experience. To live an active lifestyle with a focus on fitness, you need to buy high-quality headphones. Nobody wants to be inconvenienced by pesky cords or sweaty ears; this pair of earbuds is the perfect purchase for any avid exerciser.

FIGMASU Open Ear Wireless

With one ear completely covered, you may be more likely to miss something important that happens on or around the field. An open-ear design can reduce the chance of injury while also reducing tunnel vision.

Advanced Bluetooth 5.0 wireless headphone operates faster and more stable than previous versions of the standard, boasts a lower power consumption in open ear. The interactive multipoint pairing with your iOS and Android phones or tablets, Mac and PC computers and laptops is also convenient.

Headphones adopt new technology of dynamic magnetic sound generating unit that preserves great sound quality. The built-in noise cancellation mic for stereo and heavy bass sounds makes calls clear and stable.

These A10 bone-conducting headphones weigh just 0.08 pounds, yet they are also lightweight and flexible for maximum comfort when worn continuously over an extended period of time. They can last six hours between charges and are made from durable ABS and a titanium alloy that’s both robust whilst being light to carry too.

Stretch Buy
AfterShokz OpenMove
9.9/10My Score
  • Open-Ear Design – Patented bone conduction technology delivers audio through the cheekbone, keeping you connected and aware of your surroundings. Designed to be slim, lightweight and comfortable for all-day, everyday wear.
  • Versatile Headphones – Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity offers convenient multipoint pairing compatible with your iOS and Android Bluetooth-ready devices. Pairs with smartphones, tablets, Mac and PC computers and laptops.
  • Durable and Sweatproof – These IP55 certified headphones repel sweat, dust, and moisture, making them the perfect workout partner for any sports, fitness or running enthusiast. Built to withstand even the rainiest weather.
  • Six-Hour Battery Life – 6 hours of continuous music, podcasts and calls on a single charge. Enjoy balanced audio, optimal volume and rich bass anytime, anywhere with these premium OpenMove headphones.
  • Exclusive Sticker Skin Pack – Includes 5 exclusive to Amazon sticker skins. The 5 versatile designs offer easy headphone customization.

What to Consider When Buying Budget Bone Conduction Headphones

No matter whether planning to go on a thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail or just on a local neighborhood run you and anyone interested in bone conduction headphones will want to take the following factors into consideration.

The Price

Let’s face it this is obviously the most important thing for almost everyone who is looking for new gear. I know that it’s one of the things which drive your choice, it also will denote a large part of how well your bone conduction headphones will work for you.

Price is top on my list due to the need to spend money if you want good, long-lasting headphones. If you buy inexpensive bone conduction headphones from China they will be inexpensive but they will break and fail all the time.

Plenty of *fake* reviews online will tell you they are the “best deal” but they aren’t they are just to get you moving to a purchase. I have had 3 pairs now from the Titanium, Trekz Air, and now the Aeropex.

The Battery Life

The life of the battery is a pretty big deal to most people as you want to go a long time without needing to recharge, I prefer 8-hour life now as it is what allows me to go all day without recharging.

As the cost drops you will get worse battery performance as that is where they will cut the costs to get you a cheaper product. I would say that you typically do not want to purchase a set of bone conduction headphones without at least a 6-hour active use lifespan.

The Durability

As you look you want to find one with at least a metal band to give it some strength as all plastic has a tendency to crack and break as it is used.

Aftershokz makes the best, most durable, bone conduction headphones on the market as they began using titanium and metal in the band to ensure long life and flexibility.

The Water Resistance (IPxx)

As water-resistance goes this will highly depend on your use and what weather is typical around where you will use them. If you are prone to large volumes of rain then looking for the better IPxx rating for at least water-resistant is important.

If you are looking for use while you swim there is only a few choices available that are truly waterproof and built for use in the water. I cover the waterproof versions in-depth over here.

The Bluetooth Version

Bluetooth has many benefits when you advance forward in versions. The current version, which is Bluetooth 5.0 is much better at multi-pairing so you can maintain connections on multiple devices to the headphones.

Some of the older versions of headphones came with very old Bluetooth which could only connect to a single device without you needing to continually fight to make connections when powered on and in range.

The Weight

Every ounce on your head can be felt, it seems silly but the more weight you place, even on a loop, the more you will feel it. Since they don’t arch over and rest on the top of your head you ears will be the main support to hold them in place.

This sounds silly but I can tell you on the Titanium I bought first you could feel a wear mark on your ears if you wore them for a few hours. When I bought my Air they were almost unnoticeable which was a nice change!

Final Thoughts on the Best Bone Conduction Headphones Under 50

When exploring the change to using bone conduction headphones you want to make sure they work for you before you invest heavily, as most responsible people would.

Getting a set for under $50 allows you to figure out if they are your thing and whether you want to go the extra mile to purchase a more complex and better-performing set.

Check out all my choice for the best bone conduction headphones for nearly any use needs, from budget to ultimate performance and maximum boost.

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