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When you look at someone walking around with headphones in do you think that they are a sign of the persons wealth and status? For many younger people millennial and younger they have begun accepting Airpods as at least a status symbol.

Airpods are not something that makes you rich, they are typically more expensive and more of a “status symbol” for people to showcase they are willing to spend more for the finer quality.

Personally I love my Airpods, do I think it makes me look rich? No, they cost $160. Do I think it shows everyone who looks at me that I am well off with money to spend on them? Yes, and in my opinion it’s something that is not so bad.

How Airpods Came to Signify Wealth

Airpods were launched when Apple removed the headphone jack which was a controversial move for the consumers, but not as controversial as we have seen in years past. Since then there has been many articles about how Airpods are a true representation of Apple’s vision and the direction that they want to take us all with technology.

While they were lambasted for their removal of the headphone jack the first generation of Airpods became a hit. People were going to buy them and they were going to love them because of how convenient they are, not just with the charging case, but also how simple it is to connect them when you want to use them.

The big thing was they weren’t cheap, when most earphone style headphones were like $20-30 you had a product that was $160 but also the reviews were strongly positive. Not everyone liked them, but enough people did to make them profitable.

This is when they started to become linked with wealth, as almost no one except those with extra money could afford to spend $160 on earphones. Still, they are a great product that offers the user so much convenience that people began linking them with a sign of wealth and status.

It was at this time that Apple became the most valuable company in the world which further linked together Airpods to make you even richer looking and wealthier than you actually were.

Why Millennials Appear to View Airpods as a “Status” Item

Over the upcoming years since their launch the Airpods themselves have gained popularity and have become more mainstream. Now there are all kinds of companies coming out with Bluetooth earphones and it’s hard to notice them as anything other than just another common piece of technology that we use every day.

Are they a status symbol? One would think no, but the truth is that someone wearing Airpods or any kind of headphones typically gets labeled as someone who has money and wants to show it off.

This holds true especially for younger people who are not yet fully matured into adults when they start understanding how society works.  What you wear can tell a lot about you if worn in public so those who choose to wear headphones look wealthy or like they have money simply because they are willing to spend the extra cash on something that is not necessary.

The Airpods have simply the best choice for wireless earphones, there is no doubt about it and they offer so much versatility that you must have them. They also come with a hefty price tag which does provide some status to the people wearing them as they can afford something many cannot.

Having your Airpods out in public or at work is not bad at all, though perhaps if you are asked why you have them I suggest saying “I like music” or anything short but sweet.

The truth of it is what goes around comes around, if we continue to associate technology with wealth then more and more companies will start making their products cost more because of it, after all money talks.

Ultimately, if you wear Airpods or any kind of headphones in public and people label you as “looking wealthy” then you are likely doing something right. You can use this to your advantage as long as you do not let it get to your head and allow yourself to become full of yourself.

The “Fake Rich” Flex

One thing that has happened is the use of Airpods or fake Airpods as a “flex” to their peer groups. This especially happens at clubs where people want to show that they “have” money when in truth it’s not much and is just enough to afford a few drinks or some food.

Without saving up money, or using a layaway system Airpods are hard to afford without being at least “well to do”, so if you are wearing them at the club then many will assume you are flexing on everyone else in an attempt to make yourself look even better than what you really are.

Many times this comes back as negative attention towards those who wear them but then again sometimes it doesn’t matter either way.

Final Thoughts on Does Having Airpods Make You Rich

Airpods are slowly becoming the status quo and many people have started wearing them even when they do not use them. If you are thinking of purchasing a pair it is smart to first consider the reasons why you want them and then go from there.

You can buy a cheap version that does not come with all of the features but still work well enough for an inexpensive price or you can splurge on the real deal which offers everything and more. Either way, Airpods are here to stay, and will continue growing in popularity as time goes by.

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