Drumming: Why They Choose to Wear Headphones on Stage

Drummers frequently use headphones while practicing, rehearsing with the band, recording, or performing. But why do drummers wear headphones, and why are they so popular? Is there something unique about them that distinguishes them from other drivers? Some people even have the belief that it’s for fancy.

They’re the consequence of a desire to calm the stage and fine-tune the sound exactly how you want it. Headphones cancel out background noise, such as singers, guitars, or stage echoes.

You can create your mix using headphones or in-ear monitors. This and many more are the reasons why drummers choose to wear headphones. If you want to know more about this subject, we have got you covered. Read on to learn more.

 Why do Drummers Wear Headphones?

Before the advent of headphones and monitors, musicians used onstage speakers for the same purpose.

You can obtain a variety of instruments, just like with headphones and in-ear monitors, but there is one important difference; the speakers will not cancel out background sounds, leaving only the instruments you wish to hear.

Let us have a treat through why drummers choose to wear headphones.

Reasons why drummers wear headphones.

To be able to listen to other members of the band

Drummers are crucial members of a band, and they must listen to and react to the other musicians on stage. They can hear everything going on while also evaluating their performance when they headphones.

When playing live, many drummers use headphones, but not all of them do. Whether or not drummers should wear headphones is a personal decision for each band or player.

Drummers require them for various reasons, one of which is that they let them hear the other musicians better and make better decisions about how the song should continue.

When using headphones, a drummer has far more control over their sound than listening with only their ears.

To protect their hearing

Hearing protection is also provided with drum headphones, which absorb at least 20 decibels of sound.

Because drums are excessively loud, no single component can be safely listened to for more than a minute without causing hearing damage.

When all of the drums and cymbals are playing simultaneously, as well as the monitor speakers, serious and irreversible hearing impairment can occur.

The first touch of a drum set is enough to damage your hearing seriously.

Drummers, in other words, wear these headphones to lower drum noise to a safe level.

Furthermore, you may safely play the monitor mix through those headphones, allowing the drummer to hear and manage the entire band without jeopardizing their hearing.

Drummers and band members will have parts that block out some of the noises and comfort their ears to ensure that they do not develop long-term ear problems.

One might question how the drummers can play the drums while still masking their produced noises. The earpieces only block high-frequency sounds, allowing the drummers to hear what they’re doing at all times.

To follow onstage instructions and directions

Drummers onstage usually have instructions and directions to follow while on stage. It would be difficult to deliver instructions because the stage becomes exceedingly noisy.

So it would be beneficial to have a nice pair of headphones. They allow the drummer to hear any instructions or directions that may have been pre-recorded, thereby assisting him in playing his song.

Pre-testing before recording

Audio monitoring is a spontaneous idea that is easy to grasp. You’ve probably listened to the audio at some point in the past. Listening to the recording while playing is referred to as audio monitoring.

Drummers, for example, might desire to hear their sound while performing. They use headphones to monitor the noises to know how much the microphone is recording.

You can also perform this operation before recording. Perhaps you’ve already seen the familiar phrase “hello hello,” thirsty, thirst,” “A, B, C”.

Before creating a recording, musicians do this all the time in the studio to see how much audio the microphone is recording.

To improve their drumming skills.

Drummers wear headphones to improve their drumming skills. They are utilized not just as entertainment when they are performing but also as a sort of sound protection while playing.

Drumming is a physically demanding activity for both the body and the hearing. Drummers can concentrate on their music without worrying about hearing the sound pressure interrupting their concentration.

To ease tracking in a studio.

If you’ve ever been inside a recording studio or watched someone record in one, you’ll notice that all musicians, including the drummer, are wearing headphones.

Even if the entire band or ensemble is performing together and can hear the raw audio, this is true. The goal is to acquire a clear, blended version of what a drummer does so that they can work with the best musical template available.

In other words, headphones allow you to control which instruments you hear while recording and the sound of your instrument.

In a studio, drummers need to hear specific components of the drum kit clearly to record a successful take.

They will hear a metronome and have more control over it.

Rhythm is the basics of any song, and even little timing errors by the drummers can significantly impact how good a song sounds. Everyone’s performance will be affected if the beat is off.

At most drumming concerts, a click track is used to assure correct timing. Drummers can use a metronome because it simply loops the same sound at a set tempo.

Helps to keep the ear warm.

A modest but entertaining side effect of decent over-ear headphones is that they keep your ears warm. However, This is not just for drummers but for all performers.

So, this is unlikely to be your primary motivation as a drummer.


The list of reasons above is not exhaustive. However, these are, after all, the most important reasons why drummers use headphones. Drummers wear them for various reasons, including listening to backing tracks and keeping their ears warm.

These reasons make it critical for a drummer to have a good pair of headphones on hand. They not only help him perform better, but they’re also crucial in preventing long-term ear damage.

We hope to have answered your question about why drummers chose to wear headphones.

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