What is the Purpose to AfterShokz Coming with Ear Plugs?

What many people find to be interesting when they purchase their new bone conduction headphones is why do the AfterShockz come with ear plugs in the box. It definitely is an odd thing I pulled out of my box and wanted to make sure you understood why they are included so, why do AfterShokz come with ear plugs?

The earplugs are included as they are to be used in very noisy environments like an airplane which will allow you to cut out your ears from bringing in sound simultaneously. This in effect helps make the bone conduction even louder by removing the extra ability to hear from your ears.

Now while this isn’t always the optimal solution when you are in a contained environment with loud noise constantly this provides you the best way to use these.

Do Bone Conduction Headphones Work With Earplugs?

Ear plugs work very well though with bone conduction headphones as it blocks the secondary hearing through the main ear and helps them function more like a set of over the ear headphones.

Not all bone conduction headphones come with included ear plugs, AfterShokz tends to have these included with most of their bone conduction headphones when thy ship to help you get the best use from them that is possible.

Bone conduction headphones are good for use in outdoor places where you really need to hear the surrounding environment or to listen for people, they don’t function as well in noisy cramped areas similar to an airplane without this extra hearing management through earplugs.

Final Thoughts on Why AfterShokz Come with Ear Plugs

I love my Aftershokz Trekz Air bone conduction headphones and have used the included ear plugs when I went on an airplane flight. It allowed me to better hear over the engine noise and other passengers who are definitely not quiet!

I would highly suggest AfterShokz brand versus others due to the little things like including ear plugs to help you hear when the circumstances require the lack of hearing out of your ears.

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