Beyerdynamic: A Solid Brand of Quality Headphones

Headphones are used for different reasons by different people. Some use headphones for leisure purposes, including listening to music and watching a movie, and for others, headphones are essential to their work.

 For instance, Disk Jockeys (DJ) need headphones as their work equipment. Also, music producers and radio presenters use headphones for their job. These two groups will probably be nothing without headphones.

However, the quality of the headphones used matters a lot to its users.  In this article, we will be talking about Beyerdynamic headphones; are they good headphones? Read on to learn more.

Are Beyerdynamic Headphones Good (Is Beyerdynamic A Good Brand)?

We cannot fully answer this question, without first assessing the brand’s strengths and weaknesses. In this way, we will be able to confidently establish whether or not they are good headphones.

What are its Strengths?

Beyerdynamic has an outstanding lineup of products. All of their products are well-built and sound amazing. They have all the qualities of a good headphones that justify their price. 

When compared to other products in each respective price range, Beyerdynamic is very competitive.

For example, Beyerdynamic DT 1990 Pro is highly considered the best for professional productions; which is the reason why it was designed. The same is valid with its other models. 

The DT 990 Pro and DT 770 Pro are highly respected headphones that can be seen in various fields. To further prove the previous points, we can also look at Beyerdynamic’s flagship offering.

The Beyerdynamic T1 can go head-to-head with the Sennheiser HD800s. Despite the price difference, they share the same characteristics and almost have the same detail. 

What are its Weaknesses?

The biggest weakness of Beyerdynamic is its high cost. A certain price must be reached to enjoy Beyerdynamic’s products. The highly revered DT series for example starts with the DT 770 and goes up to the DT 1990 Pro.

To the average consumer, Beyerdynamic headphones have a hefty price tag. We will take each model of Beyerdynamic headphones and present their features (strengths) and some additional notes so users can better comprehend how good the headphones are.

Beyerdynamic model.Features (strengths).Notes
DT 770 PRO 80 Ohm Over-Ear Studio HeadphonesDurable, hand-wearing with innovative bass reflex
Single-sided cable,
Comes with soft, and replaceable velour ear pads,
Closed over-ear headphones,
High-resolution sound production,
Cushioned headbands,
Detachable plug.
This model has high sound volume, which makes it a top choice among music producers, sound mixers, and broadcasters,
An amazing bass reference, which enables professionals to hear distinctive brittle sounds,
Produces high-frequency sounds that are well defined,
A lasting battery, so you can enjoy using it for a long time without the need to charge
With a comfortable and buffered headband, you can easily use this product for hours without discomfort.
DT 1990 Pro Open Studio HeadphonesSingle-sided and removable cable,
Replaceable ear pads and headbands,
Wireless communication technology,
High frequent resolution,
Adjustable headband,
Movable vertical sliders.
High-resolution and balanced technology,
High-resolution Tesla drivers ensure wide, dynamic, and stereo images,
An inbuilt battery that has a long-lasting life span,
It is light weighted and small. (very portable),
Even if the external covering begins to wear out, the replacement ear pads and headbands ensure that you can enjoy the engineering for much longer,
It can be comfortably used at any angle.
Amiron Wireless Copper Bluetooth HeadphonesAmazing design and appearance
can personalize sound through the app Use
Presence of Bluetooth wireless technology
Multiple share ports.
Produce a fascinating and realistic sound with precisely deep bass, and the middle is full and natural,
Unique and classy design, User-friendly features such as LED display buttons,
A microphone that can be attached to the ear cup to enable conversation,
Can connect to more than one device due to Bluetooth availability.
Lagoon ANC Traveller Bluetooth HeadphonesSound personification through MYOSAC,
Presence of light guide,
Bluetooth transmission
Excellent sound quality, even without ANC,
Control buttons,
Removable audio jack cable,
It has a perfect blend of sound and technical support,
Takes the shape of the ear and fits comfortably,
Has a touchpad on the right side that makes it user-friendly,
Its light and has a removable jack cable along with fantastic sound quality.
Dt 880 Pro Semi-Open Studio HeadphonesHighly comfortable and adjustable,
It comes with replaceable components,
Has adjustable ear pads that are
Inbuilt volume controls
It is ideal for studio use since it comes with a wide stereo image; it produces natural sound and high resolution,
Can replicate sound without altering any beats,
Has a single adjustable cable,
Has inbuilt user-friendly volume control buttons, Has a personalized, 
Adjustable and replaceable features.
DT 240 PRO monitoring headphonesperfect noise reduction,
Very comfortable to wear,
Great design,
It is LightweightHas a Detachable plug
Has precise and powerful drivers which ensure sound quality is homogeneous among all devices, such as smartphones,
A transducer is included which makes it fit for studio and mobile use.
DT 990 Premium Edition 250 OHM Over-Ear-Stereo HeadphonesAn open type headphones with clear high bass sound,
Has Flexible headbands with soft ear pads,
Can be used on different devices
Has multiple compatible,
Control buttons.
Has Bluetooth connections that provide clear high-quality bass sound,
Has a high frequency of 24000Hz making its sound quality of professional quality,

The table above gives information about the most common Beyerdynamic headphones that you can find around the market. One characteristic that cuts across them all is their high cost.

However, given that the information outlined in the tables proves that they are of good quality, the high cost would not necessarily be a limiting factor.

Whatever quality of headphones you want from Beyerdynamic you will get it.

Furthermore, all the models above are good and friendly to common music lovers who use need them just for leisure and professionals such as Disk Jockeys (DJ), performers, music mixers, reporters, and many others.


For any device to be described as good depends on who wants to use it and for what purpose.  Professionals will want certain requirements to be added while normal users can be comfortable with just the basics.

Another quality to determine whether a product is good can be in its popularity and especially how long it has been popular in the market.

The fact that Beyerdynamic headphones have been existing for about twenty (20) decades is a factor to make one consider them good.

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