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can you listen to subliminals without headphones


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Headphones are a ubiquitous device used in various sound systems. But it will interest you to know that some soundtracks are not good to listen to when using headphones. Moreover, others are just as good to listen without headphones as they are good with headphones.

In this article, we will be looking at one such variety; subliminal messages and whether they can be listened to with headphones. Read on to learn more.

can you listen to subliminals without headphones

What are Subliminal messages?

Subliminal stimuli, which literally mean “below” or “less than,” are any sensory sensations that fall below a person’s conscious awareness threshold, as opposed to supraliminal stimuli (which fall above the threshold). They can be words, phrases, images, or casual visual videos (list not limited to this category).

Subliminal messages are usually stacked between or beneath another (major ) piece of information. These playlists ( sound, images, casual videos) are designed to help you improve your subconscious mind so you can break a habit, start a new routine, or change your way of thinking.

But one question remains; can you listen to Subliminal without the help of headphones? We will attempt to give you a satisfactory answer below.

Can you listen to Subliminals without headphones?

If you ask me whether you can listen to subliminal messages without headphones, the answer I will give you will be a big YES as well as a big NO. Take note that whether you want to use headphones or listen to Subliminals depends on many factors.

For the YES part of the answer, you can listen to subliminal messages without headphones. Listening to Subliminals without headphones will work even under less than ideal circumstances, such as distracting noises or poor-quality sound output. But this must be backed by the following conditions:

  1. Your sound system must have sufficient bass so that you can get the message in your subliminal message despite distracting noise in your environment and…. 
  2. Your audio must be very clear to help you successfully pick up the faint tones of the subliminal message.

Furthermore, Subliminals that involve images and casual visual stimuli such as those used in advertisements will not require headphones as the senses involved in this case are those of sight and not hearing.

For the NO part of the answer, you can not listen to Subliminlas without headphones. Wear headphones to get the most out of your subliminal message and binaural beats.

 Binerula beats (A binaural beat is an illusion created by the brain when your two ears listen to two different tones with slightly different frequencies at the same time) only work with headphones because each ear has a different frequency, which causes your brain activity to drop into the theta range, but you must choose your headphones carefully.

What should you consider when choosing headphones for Subliminals?

How to Choose a Subliminal Headphone.

Subliminal tracks can, of course, be listened to without headphones. However, if you’re going to utilize one, you should think about it beforehand. Here are a few things to think about.

Consider the sound quality.

The goal of subliminal recordings is for us to be unaware of them. However, this does not imply that you should accept a headset with poor sound quality.

If the headphone’s audio is distorted, the subliminal messages may not be transmitted correctly as well. When buying a subconscious headphone, consider sound quality as a major priority.

Background noise cancellation.

A bad listening experience is caused by a headset that lets in too much noise. Getting a noise-canceling headphones can be a game-changer if you’re listening to subliminal tracks in a noisy place.

It eliminates the source of distraction and allows you to concentrate on the music. Without the distraction, you can be more open to subliminal signals.

The Comfort they offer.

There will be times when you’ll be listening to the subliminal playlist for hours, especially before going to bed. You don’t want a headset that makes you uncomfortable and sometimes painful when you wear it for lengthy periods of time. Choose one that is designed to be comfortable.

Note that you must however know how to properly use headphones if you decide to use them.

What are the alternatives to headphones?

If you can not listen to Subliminals using headphones, do not worry, there are alternatives that you can still use to listen to Subliminals and still be able to get a full experience out of it.


They are a good choice because they produce better sound than headphones or earbuds. You can listen to them in the background of your bedroom or room while sleeping or doing other things.

You can enjoy the music while also benefiting from the subliminal affirmations if your subliminal track contains amazing background music.

Mobile phone.

If headphones strain your eyes or you don’t feel comfortable wearing them, utilize your mobile phone to listen to your Subliminals as you sleep. When using the external speaker on most phones, the sound quality is excellent.

You can play your subliminal track on your phone by placing it next to your bed. 


If you have a TV or computer in your bedroom, you can listen to your subliminal recording using the device. Most smart TVs can access YouTube, and you can use the TV to play your subliminal track.

A TV has the advantage of being further away from your face, and you can easily set a timer for it to turn off after an hour or two.


A straightforward no or yes for an answer to whether you can listen to subliminal messages without headphones can not be without bias.

As discussed above, it will be a matter of personal preference depending on your environment (whether there is a noise that can cause distraction or not and whether you are working, driving, or sleeping). 

Moreover, the type of subliminal message you listen to will influence whether or not you need to use headphones.

Before you choose whether or not to use headphones for Subliminals, determine whether your Subliminals contain images, videos, and so on.

Determine if you will use only your sense of hearing, sight, or a mixture of the two. The choice is entirely yours.

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