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  • Apple AirPods Max: Sounds Like an Epiphany

    The AirPods Max is Apple’s newest wireless headphones. They come in five possible colors: “Silver,” “Space Grey,” “Green,” “Sky Blue,” and “Pink,” which is an excellent selection for those looking for their perfect match. In addition to their amount of stellar color schemes, they also offer high-quality performance and amazing sound quality for their size…

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  • Looking to wear earbuds with a tragus piercing, we have you covered showing how this can be done

    Can You Wear Earbuds With a Tragus Piercing?

    This is something that has come up a lot recently in Facebook and other groups where people looking to get a new piercing to worry about the impact to other aspects of life, especially a tragus piercing, due to the location in the ear relative to the earbuds. When healed fully you will have no…

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  • Gaming Vs Studio Headphones [ Fundamental Differences ]

    Whether you listen to music or play games, choosing the right type of headphones is very important for a pleasant and immersive sound experience. But if you are in the market, you might get confused choosing between a gaming headphone or a studio headphone. In that case, you might wonder, what are the differences between…

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  • Airpods While Sleeping [ The Good, Bad, & Ugly

    As we get older, a peaceful mind can become rare. But it is a prerequisite for a good night’s sleep. As a remedy, many listen to some relaxing and soothing music. But headphones are rather bulky to sleep in and wired earphones are a total pain to manage while on bed. This leaves us to…

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  • Why Soul Nation Headphones Are Amazing

    If you are looking for headphones, you may have stumbled upon some Soul Nation products. But among so many popular and reputed headphone brands, it’s natural for you to be a bit skeptical about the quality of this fairly new company. In that case, you might find yourself wondering, are soul headphones good? Actually, they…

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  • AirPod Care [ How to Fix a Pair of Wet Headphones ]

    Your AirPods are probably one of your favorite accessories. Whether you’re at home chilling or going for a run, everyone loves having music to accompany them. Maybe you like listening to podcasts while working out or talking to friends while you work. Whatever the case, your headphones are a crucial part of your life. But…

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  • Why eSports Pros Use Earbuds AND Headphones

    Among various esports tournaments, the LAN events are the most explosive and exciting because of the live audience. If you follow LAN events, you will notice that pros use an earbud and a headphone at the same time. But, why do esports players do that? This is exclusive to LAN tournaments because LAN events are…

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  • Why Everyone Should Work Out With Headphones

    When it comes to working out, most newbies give up easily. If you belong to that group, I suggest you use headphones while exercising. Now you might ask, Why should I work out with headphones? Headphones and workouts are matches made in heaven. Listening to workout playlists or some podcasts works as a motivation booster…

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  • Why Bluetooth Headphones Cut Out When Phone is Pocketed

    Wireless headphones are the trend right now, and they revolutionized the way people enjoy music. But the technology is not entirely flawless, as many issues pop up from time to time. Bluetooth headphones cutting out in pockets is one of the most annoying situations there is. You probably faced a similar sort of issue, which…

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