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Whether you listen to music or play games, choosing the right type of headphones is very important for a pleasant and immersive sound experience.

But if you are in the market, you might get confused choosing between a gaming headphone or a studio headphone.

In that case, you might wonder, what are the differences between these two?

Studio headphones have the upper hand in terms of sound quality, level, and build quality over gaming headphones. On the other hand, gaming headphones tend to have more features. Design-wise, this type of headphones is a bit flashy whereas studio headphones have a subdued design language.

But just learning about these might not be enough for everyone. That’s why, In this article, I’m going to discuss the fundamental differences between gaming headphones and studio headphones.

I will also talk about whether or not are studio headphones good for gaming. Learning about these will help you to decide which type of headphones is right for you.

Gaming VS Studio Headphones & What’s The Difference?

In this section, I’m going to make a comparison between a gaming headphone and a studio headphone to show you how they fare against each other.

For that, I’m going to look at both these headphone categories from different perspectives such as cost, design, sound quality, features, and comfort. So, let’s jump right into it!

Sound Quality

When it comes to headphones, everybody cares about sound quality whether it is a studio or a gaming headphone. And this factor is extremely important as it can make or break a deal.

All gaming headphones are fine-tuned for gaming in general. Usually, these headphones have good audio separation and boosted bass.

Most of them are even equipped with virtual surround sound technology for better spatial sound effects. You can also find some “True†surround sound gaming headphones in the market nowadays.

But other than that, gaming headphones do not offer that much. And if you are an audiophile, you will surely want to avoid gaming headphones because of their sound quality. However, for an average consumer/gamer, these headphones should do just fine.

As for studio headphones, they sound far superior to the gaming ones in terms of audio quality. Even the cheaper models of studio headphones will have much better and more mature sound quality.

They offer a brighter and more detailed sound experience as opposed to consumer-oriented gaming headphones. In terms of sound quality, studio headphones are the winners.

Design & Build Quality

One of the most important factors most people consider before purchasing a headphone is its design. Although this may not be the case for many of you, still it is something that you can’t completely ignore.

In terms of design, gaming headphones come with a ‘Gaming-Styled’ design and are more flashy. And gamers love these flashy designs. And you can find some great-looking gaming headphones on the market. Also, most of these headphones have pretty decent build quality.

On the other hand, studio headphones are used in professional work. Usually, these headphones have an industrial and sometimes dull-looking design. Regardless of that, there are many people who prefer this subdued design language over flashy looks for their headphones.

Now, usually, studio headphones are made from high-quality material and they tend to be much more durable as opposed to average gaming headphones.

Many of them often have replaceable parts. So, in case some breaks down, you don’t have to buy a new set of headphones. Just replace the faulty part and you are good to go.

Every individual is different in terms of personality and preferences. Some might like flashy looks while others won’t. And because of that, there are no clear winners between these two headphone types when it comes to design.

However, studio headphones will almost always edge out gaming ones in terms of build quality. But that is not the case all the time. Because there are some really high-quality gaming headphones out there nowadays.


When it comes to features, the difference between a gaming headphone and a studio headphone is very noticeable.

In the case of gaming headphones, they come with features like RGB lighting, a built-in mic, wireless features (Bluetooth or 2.4GHz RF connection), surround sound, etc.

For a typical gamer, these features are more than enough.

On the other hand, usually, studio headphones offer none of these features. But still, many people prefer these headphones over the gaming ones just because of the sound they offer.


Whether you listen to music for longer hours or play games all night long, you can’t overlook the comfort aspect while choosing headphones. And in this regard, studio headphones will always beat any gaming headphones.

These headphones are engineered for longer sessions. So the companies put extra attention to making sure their customers find their headphones comfortable.

Now, that doesn’t mean gaming headphones are bad in terms of comfort. Although they fall behind in this category, gaming headphone manufacturers are now paying more attention to customer comfort.

Companies like Logitech, Razer, and HyperX made tremendous progress in this regard.

Nowadays, a vast majority of good-quality gaming headphones come with enough cushioning and breathable fabric that offers excellent comfort.

You will have a great experience with this type of headphones as far as the comfort level is concerned.


Lastly, comes the price. It is one of the most important deciding factors when it comes to purchasing a headphone, regardless of which type you buy.

In terms of price, a decent gaming headphone can cost you a fair bit of money. But the highest-tier headphones in this category max out at around 300 USD. With studio headphones, there is no limit.

A top-tier headphone in this category can cost you thousands of dollars, which is insane. But there are some really good studio headphones available in the market that cost as much as an average gaming headphone.

Can You Game Using Studio Headphones?

Yes, you can game using studio headphones. But for gaming purposes, these headphones may not be as good as gaming headphones.

Studio headphones have the best audio quality, everyone knows that. They have a wide frequency range and offer a neutral sound signature which is perfect for sound recording and mixing. But that doesn’t mean they are good for gaming.

In the case of gaming, the audio is not the same as a raw audio recording track. And because of that, this activity requires a different type of headphone design.

The audio in video games is tuned for dramatic effect; making footsteps, explosions, dialogues, and gunshots as impactful as possible.

Also, if you are someone who plays FPS games like CS: GO, Rainbow Six Siege, Apex Legends, etc. identifying a location through sound is very important for you.

As gaming headsets are equipped with surround sound technology, this enables these headphones to offer better spatial sound effects.

But do studio headphones have to have surround sound? The answer is no. However, you can use this feature on your studio headphone through software like windows sonic or Razer Surround. But they might not perform as well as gaming ones.

For these reasons, studio headphones are not recommended for playing games. If you are a hardcore gamer, invest in a good gaming headset.


In this article, I’ve explained the differences between gaming and studio headphones and explained whether or not are studio headphones good for gaming.

By having a good understanding of how these two types of headphones differ from each other, you will be able to decide which headphone is suitable for your use case scenario.

If you want to look for a rock-solid choice of gaming headphones we have a list of quality choices under $100 here.

Hopefully, you’ve found this article somewhat helpful. Thanks for stopping by!

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