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I have owned earbuds and similar style in ear headphones for a very long time but I hadn’t realized until recently that there was reasons for the mesh inside the earbud depression, so what is the mesh on earbuds for?

The mesh on wire earbuds is built to not only act like a filter but also to shield wires’ sensitive components from dampness, perspiration and small-parts debris. This leaves both your music sounding great and your wires looking great too (or in one piece!).

Since we now know what the purpose of the mesh is we should look at what type of wire mesh is used in earbuds and what material it’s made from and why you should clean it more frequently than you probably do.

One of the most important features on a set of earbuds are those little metal pieces at each end that form what we call the mesh. Without these, all moisture would make its way through and damage your earbuds driver.

Why Was a Metal Mesh Chosen?

Earbuds are a popular product for listening to music, podcasts and audio books. But in creating them why was a metal mesh chosen over a plastic or other type of material to cover the speakers?

Well on the outside, it appears plastic would make a great cover for such products. The fact is though that plastic does not provide what earbuds require, flexibility, super thin, and able to protect the driver from damage when moisture and sweat are taken into account.

Plastic can’t be as fine as metal in order to protect what lays inside from small debris. It also isn’t as flexible as metal and this can be a major problem when attempting to clean them.

What is the Purpose of the Metal Mesh?

When companies were looking to make earbuds they had the option of nearly any type of material for the mesh, in the end they chose metal over plastics, ceramics, and other materials who what is the purpose to the metal?

The main purpose behind using metal wire is that it stretches over and around your speaker as an acoustic filter along with that it also prevents outside things like sweat from reaching sensitive parts which could cause damage like distortion in sound quality.

Another important feature about these wires being in place is that they are able to help protect against small particle debris getting inside them during use due to any intense physical activity.

It’s also what helps keep moisture from damaging speakers and sound quality, all while keeping them securely fixed in place so that they don’t move around when you’re exercising or doing other strenuous activities where perspiration may be an issue!

What is the Mesh Thing Called?

The mesh is a metal wire that stretches around the speaker to keep it from being damaged by sweat when you’re working out. It also keeps the speaker securely in place so that it doesn’t move, which can cause distortion in sound quality if not prevented, so what is it called?

It is called an audio filter which functions to help remove undesirable chunks of audio like harsh treble. In addition it serves as a dust and particle filter that stops things from reaching the driver.

The mesh isn’t stuck onto the headphone and it can actually come loose with excessive cleaning and forceful pushing on it, this has caused worry in some that the earbuds are unsafe to use once they fall out.

Is it Safe to Use Earbuds Without the Mesh?

Over time with consistent use your earbuds will age and maybe slightly warp which may allow the metal mesh to fall out of the earbud. So you may wonder, is it safe to use earbuds without the mesh being in place?

The purpose of the mesh is to keep dirt and other things away from your earbuds. It also keeps your driver sound secure so that it doesn’t move without distortion. But don’t worry, you will not experience any health problems if you wear headphones without a mesh filter.

You can definitely use the earbuds without the mesh, and you may actually get a new musical feel afterwards. Just remember that this makes them far more prone to being damaged and that there is nothing to protect the sensitive internal components.

Is it Okay to Remove Earphone Mesh?

Is there any issues with removing the earphone mesh inside your earbuds? What benefits are there to keeping the earphones with mesh covers on?

An in-ear headphone’s metal mesh on the front output tube dampens its resonance from 4 to 8 kHz. Removing this mesh will enhance this resonance, leading to an increase in sound quality.

The issue with removing the metal mesh is that you’re left with what looks like a big hole. This exposes the driver inside to sweat and dirt which can cause damage later on.

This in turn leads you to being exposed to the dust and germs on a daily basis which could lead to different kinds of ear infections. Additionally, if you feel that your earbuds are fitting perfectly well, the only advantage of removing the metal mesh would be sound quality, which is what everyone should want in an expensive pair of headphones anyways!

In Summary

As we’ve seen, the mesh on earbuds is what keeps sweat from damaging your headphones. It also prevents distortion in sound quality by securing speakers into place and preventing them from moving too much as you workout.

If you have some questions about what this means for your own fitness routine or if you want to learn more about what other features work well with fitness gear, be sure to post questions below!

I hope that my blog post has given you a better understanding of what the mesh on earbuds does and why it improves your listening experience while working out.

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