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Have you ever been on YouTube and wondered why your favorite content creators use headphones? Perhaps, you would like to start your own channel, and you would like to know how to be at the level of quality of the other current creators.

Content creators on YouTube use headphones and microphones to separate the audio from the video they play/record and listen to the audio from their voice without creating a feedback loop; When editing, they could edit each sound separately depending on what needs to be emphasized.

If you are interested in creating content for YouTube and would like to know which dominant communities are on the platform and what equipment you need to start recording videos, keep reading this article.

What Types Of Youtubers Need Headphones To Record Their Videos?

YouTube has become one of the most important and relevant platforms at the moment of creating content.

Due to this, a wide variety of topics are touched discussed on the recorded platform, creating different categories of YouTubers.

The best-known content creators who use headphones fall under the following categories:

  • Comedy

In this category, content creators seek to make audiences laugh. Sometimes they make short films or skits. There are several ways to make these types of videos, as the content creator could be both a commentator and an actor.

  • Beauty

In the beauty category, content creators make videos related to makeup, face, body, hair and nail care, tips, and hacks for beauty, among many other topics.

The best thing about YouTube is that the creator does not need to be professional in the area, and anyone can use the service to start to follow their passion.

However, it is a double-edged sword, as some people can give tips that will not do well to your face or your hair, and therefore you have to know how to choose between what information to believe and what not to believe.

  • Gaming

The gaming community focuses on video games. It can be playing them, making reviews of them, making comments, collaborating with other gamers, and everything that has to do with games.

To make this type of video, it is necessary to invest in equipment to produce quality content.

  • Family

In these types of videos, family dynamics are taught. Parents usually record their life as a family, highlighting happy and pleasant moments.

They also focus on parenting and home care. For this type of video, you have to take into account the regulations that YouTube has regarding children, since the videos can violate some rules and can be blocked from the platform, and eventually, YouTube can close the channel.

  • Tech

This community takes care of everything related to technology, such as new releases, comparisons between two devices, comparisons between brands, technological advances, and other topics.

These content creators must research and pay attention to the details of technology products.

  • Fashion

This category focuses on fashion, accessories, and clothing. The most common of this type of content creators is to make lookbooks of their favorite outfits, give advice when dressing, and inspire other people through their personal style.

They are usually references for trends in fashion and reviews of clothing stores or brands.

  • Lifestyle

These types of Youtubers usually do not have a defined niche. Share about your life through your opinion. They give tips and hacks and are based on their own experience.

These types of content creators usually have outgoing and dynamic personalities.

  • Travel

In this category are people who share their travels through videos. They can be made as a short film, and they can also be set up as vlogs.

These content creators share their experiences testing different cultures, countries, cities, and hacks for travel and destinations.

  • DIY

The DIY or “do it yourself” community is in charge of showing ideas about how to make a vision come true on your own. In these videos, there are many crafts and handwork.

  • Vloggers

In this category, content creators show us their daily lives. In this type of video, it is essential to have good storytelling and a lively personality.

The main point of this type of content is that the audience feels that they are a close friend of the creators of the video.

  • Health and Fitness

These types of creators are responsible for motivating others to live healthier lives through tips and routines that can help the audience.

This community deals with everything related to fitness and health. Some of these YouTubers share their lives and experiences to serve as a guide for people seeking to improve their habits.

  • Learning

These content creators are dedicated to teaching through videos. These can be academic material or topics of general interest. Many of these contents serve as support for the education of schools and universities.

  • Cooking

This category is dedicated to cooking videos, such as recipes. Some content creators dedicate their channel to specific topics, such as healthy food, sweets, cake decorating, among other subtopics.

  • Pranks and Challenges

Content creators in this category focus on challenging and pranking other people. Their main motive is entertainment, and they are usually videos with many reproductions.

  • Music and Dances

In this category, content creators publish their music, comment on the world of music, teach choreography, and everything related to music.

  • Sports

This category is dedicated to different sports, either by making a compilation of the best moments, comments, and teachings of some tricks. The content creators of this category take care of everything athletic as a profession and passion.

  • Art and Design

Content creators showcase their art through paintings, drawings, and animated designs on art and design channels. It’s a great way to expose little-known artists.

Also, artists can give their opinions and comments about products that are related to the arts they perform.

  • Animation

This category is dedicated to animated stories. The artists make comics, make reviews of related products, and some tips on drawing, among other topics.

What Do I Need To Start Recording Videos On YouTube?

To create content on YouTube, it is not necessary to have a large production team. The essence of the video is in the person who records it. However, the higher the quality of the video, the better the views.

What you must have to create content for YouTube is a camera. Due to the audiovisual format of the platform, it is essential to have a camera to record, be it a smartphone or a dedicated recording camera.

Then there is the secondary equipment. Microphones are an excellent tool to increase the sound quality of videos and improve the experience of those who consume them.

Depending on the type of videos you want to create, several microphones can be functional.

There are also tools such as lights, the tripod, or the stabilizer. They are not essential, but they can help to produce higher quality productions. However, starting out, you can use natural light and other objects as a tripod.

Last, there are different types of video editing software. Some content creators make videos without cutting and editing, but most require some, even if minimal editing.

Some free applications can solve minor edits, such as video cuts or unifying them, while more complex and paid applications offer more options for editing.


Headphones are additional equipment for video creators that, although not essential, can help improve the quality of content published on YouTube depending on the type of video that is recorded.

If you are starting to create videos for YouTube, the best course of action would be to begin by discovering what types of videos are most similar to your niche and, from there, analyze what you need to have more quality in your content.

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