Airpods in the Rain: Can They Survive Being Drenched?

So, you’re out for a jog while listening to your favorite tunes. Suddenly a downpour starts, and you run for your home. But you’re greatly concerned about your AirPods. Hence, you might wonder, can I wear my AirPods in the rain? Well, let’s find out!     The short answer is no. Your AirPods will … Read more

Bluetooth Range: What is the Top Distance Bluetooth Works

Headphones with Bluetooth are a great idea. The thought that you won’t be involved in pulling wires around when using Bluetooth headphones is amazing. Bluetooth is of several varieties we consider working range. There are short and long-range working Bluetooth. If you are a genuine Bluetooth headphones user, you will notice that the blue light … Read more

RF Headphones: What does RF mean and are they good?

I’m excited, you know why; I’m about to share the kind of news you like- headphones, lovers. We are at headphones again. This time around, we come up with something mind-blowing. When you use your wireless Bluetooth headphones, you feel like no other headphones can beat the existing Bluetooth wireless headphones. That feeling is true … Read more