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  • What is the Difference Between Noise Cancelling and Regular Headphones

    Most of us use some type of headphones or earbuds to listen to music, a favorite podcast, or participate in a Zoom session. However, when purchasing a new set of headphones, would regular headphones or noise-canceling headphones be a better choice? The biggest difference will be in the noise cancelling feature which actually plays negative…

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  • Why Do Wired Headphones Need Batteries to Function?

    While many wired headphones don’t require batteries, many do. Which leads you to the question of why do wired headphones need batteries since they are already connected? Wired headphones have passive speakers without power to drive better sound, when you add batteries into the mix you allow the ability to have higher quality speakers and…

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  • What Is Headphone Impedance and Why Do Ohms Matter?

    Have you ever put on a brand new pair of headphones and just could not believe just how good the sound experience is? There are a lot of factors that are in play when it comes time to know just how good a pair of headphones’ sound experience can be, so why do ohms matter…

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  • Why Does Chewing Sound Louder with Headphones?

    You are not alone if you have noticed that when you put on your headphones and start listening to music, that if you begin to eat something during this span, you are able to hear your chewing much louder and more clearly than you can if there were no headphones. Sounds become louder when you…

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  • Why Football Players Wear Headphones All the Time Pre-Game

    If you are a fan of the National Football League, you probably notice that a lot of the time, an NFL player is not in his complete uniform. Many times he is wearing some type of headphones while he walks into the stadium, does his pregame warmups, and even afterward as he gets ready to…

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  • Why COD Pros Wear Earbuds With Headphones While Gaming

    The industry of professional gaming is blowing up and getting bigger and bigger as the years pass by. As the industry gets bigger and the fans start coming to watch more, you will begin to notice that even gamers who are not professionals will begin to emulate what they see the professionals do. It happens…

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  • Can Noise Canceling Headphones Help Tinnitus Sufferers?

    Everyone loves a good pair of noise cancelling headphones. They make your favorite music sound better and richer blocking out any external noise. Now, there is a But, does noise cancelling headphones help with tinnitus?  People with tinnitus have to suffer from a constant ringing sound in their eardrums and that can get quite annoying…

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  • Why Streamers Choose To Use Earbuds At Their Desk

    Streaming has become a popular internet trend attracting thousands of streamers and views every day. Now, if you are an avid stream watcher, you’d notice that a lot of them like to wear earbuds. Usually, we associate gaming headsets with professional gamers. So, why do streamers use earbuds so often? There are many reasons why…

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  • Choosing the Perfect Way to Listen to Music on Your Versa

    Nearly every fitness freak has some idea of Fitbit Versa. That is to be expected as it helps keep track of your activity and offers a plethora of useful options. Among many of its features, music streaming is among the most popular. Now, you might wonder, can you use headphones with Fitbit versa? Or are…

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