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The industry of professional gaming is blowing up and getting bigger and bigger as the years pass by. As the industry gets bigger and the fans start coming to watch more, you will begin to notice that even gamers who are not professionals will begin to emulate what they see the professionals do.

It happens in every industry where fans try to copy what the professionals do. So that is why when you see COD pros wear earbuds, it is reasonable to wonder why go about what they do. Read on below to find out why Call of Duty pros wear earbuds when they are in the midst of playing. 

COD pros wear earbuds to help them listen to sounds better as they can cover them with noise-canceling headphones. This helps limit outside noises like crowds from influencing their play, they typically will have pull-over ear headphones to play white noise to block external noises to focus better.

Let’s explore what each part of the hearing setup does for gamers and why pros really need to have multiple headphones to perform their best.

What Do Earbuds Do for the Gamers?

The answer to this question is actually quite simple. The pros wear earbuds when they are playing COD is for them to hear the actual sounds of the video game. As you know, earbuds are inserted directly into your ears so it is easier to hear the game you are playing.

For the professionals, this is vital since they need to be able to focus and listen to everything that is happening because a simple sound or noise can give away an opponent’s position or inform them if any drops or care packages are possibly nearby.

The earbuds the professionals use are not usually on the expensive or rare side of things. The thing about these earbuds is that the professionals usually have a say in what they wear and more times than not, they go for a mid-level type earbud.

Since the earbuds are used to hear in-game sounds, the pros do not want to go cheap there but it is also not necessary to go all out and buy the most expensive brand out on the market as well.

Even though it is not the case today when times were normal, these professionals would need to play in front of ruckus crowds, so choosing the right earbuds is quite key to their overall success as professional COD players.  

Do Not Forget About the Secondary Headphones

If you are an avid follower of professional COD, you have probably noticed that they are not only just wearing earbuds when they play. In fact, they are actually wearing another pair of headphones on top of those earbuds.

Now, these headphones are usually noise-reducing types of headphones that can sometimes even transmit white noise. One of the big impacts of wearing these secondary headphones is to ensure that none of the outside noise that comes along with playing in a location with fans and commotion stays out of their ears.

As you know from experience while having earbuds in makes you hear whatever you are listening to much crisper, it does not stop you from hearing anything that happens in your surroundings. 

Even though the earbuds that the professionals use when they are playing Call Of Duty are considered normal everyday style. The same thing cannot be said for the secondary headphones they use on top of the earbuds.

These secondary headphones are usually top-of-the-line stuff. First off, noise-canceling headphones are not cheap, to begin with. Secondly, since these are professionals using these they make sure the products they are buying works.

So not only are these noise-canceling headphones used to help keep any distractions out of the way of the professionals, but they also sometimes pump white noise.

This white noise helps reduce the chances of any outside noise making its way through both the professional’s headphones and earbuds. It is all about making sure the professional COD players can keep their focus. They do not get paid to lose

Further note, sometimes professional COD players do wear an additional, or third pair, of headphones wrapped around their necks but that is usually just so they can have some sort of branding deal to sell some products.

They are sometimes used if they are playing on a team and need to communicate, but outside of that situation, you will not see them used at all.

What is White Noise?

As stated above, professional COD players use their secondary headphones over their earbuds so they block out as much outside sound as possible. To help make that happen, sometimes they will have those headphones pump in white noise.

The definition of white noise is that it is made when you combine sounds from different kinds of frequencies into one. Basically, it is if you could find all the possible tones that a human ear can register and put them together, you have yourself some white noise. 

The reason why it is called white noise is that it describes the way white light functions. White light is made up of a bunch of different colors of light combined into one.

So when you think about it, white noise is about 20,000 tones all playing at one singular time. As stated above, the main reason for white noise is to cancel out other possible sounds that you do not want to hear.

It does not matter whether you are a professional COD player trying to cancel out the crowd noise so you can focus, or you turn on a fan in your hotel room to cancel out your noisy neighbors. White noise has the same effect on each situation.

In the end, the main reason why professional COD players use earbuds is so they are able to hear the sounds of the game. The sound of COD is vital for any person playing the game, especially to those that are pros.

One pair of earbuds is not enough for the pros since their secondary noise-canceling headphones that give off white noise are also worn to ensure as little outside noise cannot be heard as possible.

Final Thoughts on Why Call of Duty Pros Wear Earbuds

When playing a game like Call Of Duty, concentration, and attention to detail is key. All it takes is one small slip-up for a pro to lose when playing COD.

As for you, if you are not going pro and just playing for fun with your friends. A normal headphone and mic set should do you just fine. Go have yourself some fun and leave the earbuds to the pros.

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