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  • Choosing Headphones on Stage Instead of In Ear Monitors

    Anyone who has attended a concert or live event may have noticed that many of the musicians commonly wear headphones or earphones while performing. But, have you ever thought of the reason why do bass players wear headphones? Bassists need to be able to hear the other instruments onstage clearly to ensure proper playing. Following…

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  • Cheap Noise Canceling Headphones: Worth the Expense?

    A good pair of noise-canceling headphones can greatly elevate your music listening experience. As alluring as they are, not everyone can afford the flagship expensive ones. So, naturally, you might be attracted to the more budget options. This begs the question, are cheap noise-canceling headphones worth it really?  Cheaper noise-canceling headphones are for the most…

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  • Why Do Headphones Give Me Hot Ear Syndrome?

    A pair of good headphones is a must for a wonderful experience of gaming and listening to music. But a major barrier to your amazing experience can be hot ears caused by over-ear headphones. You might be asking yourself, “Why do headphones make my ears hot?” Over-ear headphones cover your ears and create a hot…

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  • Razer Hammerhead Review: Gaming True Wireless Response

    Razer has long been a creator of gear for PC and console gamers, ranging from keyboards, mice, headsets, and so much more. They have since branched out into more areas that will love their way of building super performance into devices! Lets dig in and take a look to explore why these are nearly, if…

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  • Surprising Review: Are Mpow Headphones Worth Your Money?

    When you search on amazon’s website for budget headphones, you will come across many headphones that are MPOW products. Now, if you’ve never heard of MPOW then you might be curious about whether or not MPOW headphones are any good. Yes, they are. MPOW’s headphones pack lots of features, last longer, and sound better than…

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  • Why Choosing Noise Cancelling Headphones May Cause Issues

    Noise-canceling headphones are very popular with the current masses, but it is not for everyone. Many people unwittingly purchase noise-canceling headphones only to regret them later. If you are reading this, you’ve probably asked yourself things like, why do noise-canceling headphones make me nauseous? Active noise-canceling headphones cause nausea for some people. The effect has…

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  • Mpow H19 IPO Budget Noise Cancelling with Deep Bass

    For anyone who is looking for a high-performing set of headphones but isn’t able to throw the $200+ towards the branded ones finding the right one at the best price point is key so let’s discuss this in our MPOW H19 IPO review below. While out investigating a purchase for my daughter I came across…

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  • Loud Noise Crowd at a concert - bone conduction headphones in loud environments

    Can Aftershokz Headphones Have Noise Cancelling?

    When you look at purchasing headphones most will want to use them to place phone calls and receive calls from others. Many times when people speak about noise-canceling they are speaking about the headphone side and not the microphone portion, so are AfterShokz noise canceling? While bone conduction headphones can’t be noise-canceling since they don’t…

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  • The Aftershokz OpenMove: Budget Price Audio Enjoyment

    For the person looking to take a dive into bone conduction headphones, you recently had little choice but to purchase expensive or off-brand questionable headphones. Enter in AfterShokz, who is honestly the only brand in the world to create high-quality products they stand behind with long warranties and they built a near-perfect entry-level headphones for…

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