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When you search on amazon’s website for budget headphones, you will come across many headphones that are MPOW products. Now, if you’ve never heard of MPOW then you might be curious about whether or not MPOW headphones are any good.

Yes, they are. MPOW’s headphones pack lots of features, last longer, and sound better than the similarly priced products from its competitors. These are the reasons why this company has gained so much popularity within just a few years since its launch.

But just knowing this might not be enough to clear all your doubts. That’s why I will discuss the reasons that make MPOW a good headphone brand and also talk about a few of its drawbacks that I’ve noticed. All this information will help you decide whether MPOW is good enough for you or not. So, without wasting any more of your time, let’s begin!

What Makes MPOW A Good Headphone Brand?

MPOW is a well-known brand in the world of headsets and audio gadgets. It was established back in 2013. But within just a few years, it has become one of the best budget headphone brands out there.

Within just a year after this company was founded, MPOW expanded its operations to 30 regions. One of the noteworthy achievements of MPOW is that it was the “Best Seller” headphone brand in the European region not once but for two consecutive years.

On top of that, this headphone manufacturing brand has also received the “RED Dot Design Award” twice. The first one was in 2017 and once again in 2019.

MPOW is committed to delivering the best product at a lower cost to improve the quality of life of hard-working people.

This is why they used the unparalleled power of technology and merged it with art to deliver cutting-edge personal headphones and audio products.

MPOW always prioritizes its customers. It is their belief that when people are encouraged to have fun and get empowered along with their life, they are more likely to reach their destination.

That’s why with the use of innovation and creativity, they are always trying to come up with products to satisfy their customers’ needs to the fullest.

Here are some of the reasons that make MPOW a good headphone brand

Diverse Product Lineup

One of the best things about MPOW is that they offer a diverse lineup of audio gadgets. From wired headphones to wireless ones, audio accessories, Bluetooth speakers, MPOW has it all. On top of that, they also manufacture car accessories, waterproof phone pouches, armbands, etc.

But this brand is mostly known for its audio solutions. Their headphone products include Bluetooth headphones, earbuds, wired headphones, gaming headsets, wireless waterproof sports earphones, and noise cancellation headphones.

Even they have headphones that are suitable for kids, which is very useful. Most of the traditional headsets and earphones are designed for the adult population only.

But the physical differences between kids and adults are huge. And because of that kids find using traditional headphones uncomfortable as these products are clearly not designed for them.

But since the beginning of MPOW, it has always been this company’s policy to prioritize their customers’ needs. And by following that, this audio gadget manufacturing company has come up with a product lineup that is so diverse that anybody can find something that meets their requirements.

Whether you are a gamer, music lover or you just want a headphone that is suitable for your kid, MPOW has something for everyone.

Feature Rich Headphones

When people buy something, the first thing they look for is the features of that product. The same is also true in the case of headphones. 

For example, if you are buying a headphone or an earphone just to listen to music, you might want to go for one that has great sound quality and has built-in audio controls on the headphone.

As for gaming headsets, they have to have good sound quality as well as a quality mic. On top of that, these headsets have to be lightweight and comfortable enough so that they don’t put stress on the ears too much. Again, most people are opting for wireless headphones to avoid the hassle of wires.

But more features mean more you have to spend more money. MPOW is different from that. They are always trying to push the boundaries of the headphone and audio gadget industry through their innovation and creativity.

With the excellent build quality and features like Bluetooth connectivity, long battery life at an affordable price, MPOW is redefining the audio gadget industry.

Unmatched Product Pricing

Now when it comes to product pricing, no other company can beat MPOW. This is a brand that offers audio gadgets at lower prices compared to its competitors. This is one of the reasons why MPOW headphones are so popular among consumers.

The features, build quality, sound quality, and competitive pricing make MPOW headphones great value for money.

Industry Best Warranty Policy

The pricing of the MPOW headphones might make some people skeptical about the quality of these headphones. Some might even ask questions like “Are MPOW headphones any good?” or “How long do MPOW headphones last?”

Well, don’t worry. MPOW headphones do have a decent build quality and they tend to last longer compared to similarly priced headphones from its competitors.

One of the great things about owning MPOW headphones is that you will be getting a 12 years warranty on all their headphones.

On top of that, you can extend the warranty for another 12 months by registering your MPOW product on their website. So, if anything happens to your headphone within that warranty period, they will fix it for you.

Another great thing about MPOW is that they offer a 60 days money-back guarantee, no questions asked. So, if you think that your newly bought MPOW headphones do not meet your expectations, you can always get your money back.

Here’s Where MPOW Lags Behind

Nothing is 100% perfect in this world. Everything has its own drawbacks.

First, let’s talk about their customer service. Many people complain about MPOW’s customer support. Their main complaint is that the support staff of MPOW takes too much time to respond to warranty claims.

Some even complained that they got defective products but the support staff didn’t reply back when they informed them about their problem.

But that doesn’t mean their customer service is too bad. MPOW is a very popular brand. And the number of people who have complained about their bad customer service is only a fraction of their entire customer base. So, it is very unlikely you will face that sort of situation.

Next comes their sound quality. MPOW is always trying to provide good-quality headphones at an affordable price.

But, if you expect that their headphone’s sound quality has to be similar to those thousand-dollar headphones, you are living in a fool’s paradise. If you are a hardcore music lover, MPOW headphones might not meet your expectations.

But that doesn’t mean the sound quality is all that bad. In fact, MPOW headphones’ sound quality is decent enough to surprise most people when they consider the pricing.


Ignoring the slight drawbacks mentioned in this article, MPOW can be considered a good headphone brand, check them out today at their website for excellent deals.

Their good build quality, feature-rich products, and competitive product pricing make this brand one of the top choices for people who are looking to buy decent quality headphones at an affordable price.

So, are MPOW headphones any good? If you are not an enthusiast-level audio head, yes, they are and you should definitely give them a chance before making up your mind. Hope this article answers your question.  Thanks for reading till the end.

Mpow Headphones on Amazon

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2 responses to “Surprising Review: Are Mpow Headphones Worth Your Money?”

  1. luciane Avatar

    MPOW service customer doesn’t work. The phone number has being disconnected. I sent emails and tried to communicate through their website without success.
    I liked their product but I won’t buy from a company that I cant contact.

    1. Josh Koop Avatar
      Josh Koop

      I just tried their number and it wouldn’t go through so they obviously are having issues or they shuttered phone support. Not a glowing thing for support claims but like you I have had good life on the products I bought for the family. I couldn’t find a reliable phone number in some basic searching as everything points to email.

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