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Skullcandy is a renowned company based in the United States that sells many audio-related products such as speakers, earphones, and headphones. On the other hand, Beats is based in the United States and works as a subsidiary of the Apple Corporation. Just like Skullcandy, audio products are the primary line of focus for Beats as well.

Both Skullcandy and Beats are reputed brands offering some of the best audio products. Beats provide products that promote craftsmanship, quality, and brand value. Contrarily, Skullcandy offers products at different price points for a wide range of customers. Therefore, it is safe to say Skullcandy provides more value for the money options over Beats.

In this article, you will find a detailed comparison between these two companies that will help you understand which would be the best option for you. 

Differences Between Skullcandy and Beats

There are many existing differences between the Skullcandy and Beats products. Although both the companies were founded a few years apart, there are many signature contrasts between their line of products.

For your convenience, here is a list of things that make them stand out from one another.


The products from both Skullcandy and Beats are stylish in design and come in a wide range of colors. Although Skullcandy looks bright and decent for its flashy colors at a distance, the headphones are mostly made of plastic materials that feel cheap. 

But considering its price compared to Beats, the products look promising and polished. The foam pads, leather, and metal bands on the inside are also of decent quality.

Beats headphones, in general, have a flashy and glossy appearance compared to Skullcandy. For the most part, Beats headphones have a B logo on them that matches the headphone’s shade.

Their line of products has round and padded ear cups that are comforting to hear for an extended time.


Almost all Skullcandy Headphones feature 20Hz to 20,000 Hz of frequency response, adjustable bass, and microphones for calls.

The wireless headphones by Skullcandy also have a long-lasting battery life that could be useful for a lot of frequent travelers.

Since Beats is a subsidiary of Apple, they get to use the proprietary Apple W1 chip that is highly efficient for the overall user experience.

You can customize your comfort and fast charge your device with fast fuel technology. Of course, these features come at a much heftier price tag compared to Skullcandy.


When it comes to comfort, Beats has some upper hands over Skullcandy. Beats headphones are mostly a perfect fit for everyone as you can customize it using software and adjustment clips. In addition, Beats headphones feature heavy padding that enables you to use them for longer listening sessions.

Unlike Beats headphones, Skullcandy lacks the heavy padding on the earcups. As a result, listeners at large feel fatigue from prolonged usage.

There are also prevalent complaints about Skullcandy ear cups not being spacious enough, which results in a clamping sensation.


Both Skullcandy and Beats offer a relatively easy mode of control schemes that are convenient for use. You can play, skip, and control the volume with touch control or sliders in most headphone models by these companies.

In addition to the normal controls, you can also skip tracks and receive or hang up calls on these devices. Usually, it takes a few days before you get the hang of the gestures by touch alone.


Skullcandy offers a few headphones that you can easily fold because of their compactness. However, since most Skullcandy headphones are targeted at people looking for an affordable headset, most of the Skull candy headphones are bulky to carry.

Unlike Skullcandy, most Beats headphones are portable and take up very little space. Therefore, you can ideally make them fit into your small backpacks and jacket pockets. As it happens, Beats has the upper hand over Skullcandy in terms of portability.

Build Quality

In buying a Skullcandy headphone, you will find the build quality quite robust and dense. However, the plastic yoke they provide is not as durable as the rest of the design.

In most Skullcandy headphones, you can spot the cables between the headband and ear cup; thus, it is essential to be wary of potential wear and tear.

Beats headphones tend to be superior in build quality as they are built with high-end materials. The headband they provide is strengthened with a metal frame that makes it enduring under physical force.

Also, the headphones have layers that make them essentially scuff and scratch-proof.


Skullcandy headphones are generally a tight fit on the head. Therefore, suppose you are someone who is after a headphone that will be suitable for running, Skullcandy could be a good pick.

Keep in mind that because of its cumbersome nature, it can cause some level of discomfort if you are into intense workout sessions. But these headphones are good options for the gym.

Like Skullcandy headphones, Beats over-the-ear headphones are not suitable for high-intensity workouts.

But they are as stable as Skullcandy ones for light exercises and movement. If you are into intense workouts, going with earbuds might be better than headsets.

Sound Quality

If you are a hardcore audio junkie, Beats might be a much preferable option for you since their overall soundproofing, bass boosting, and technological aspects are superior to that of Skullcandy.

However, if you want to trade off some of these qualities for a price cut. In that case, Skullcandy is undoubtedly the more cost-effective option.

Long Term Usage

Skullcandy devices are targeted at casual listeners rather than true audiophiles. On the other hand, Beats products are prepared with more thorough quality control and time. 

If you are looking for an investment that will serve you years down the road, Beats will provide a better service than Skullcandy.

Customer Care

Both companies have customer support in place for their products. Even though Skullcandy is a refined audio brand, they are still behind in earning as much customers’ trust as Beats.

Do keep in mind that all these perks come with the caveat of a significantly loftier price tag.


Beats houses a W1 chip from Apple that is highly efficient in handling connectivity issues. Apple’s proprietary chips are miles ahead in these games compared to their competition in the market.

Therefore, it goes without saying that you will experience a far better signal strength from Beats headphones than you will from Skullcandy.


Skullcandy devices are far more affordable, cost-efficient, and economical options when it comes down to price. 

Since most consumers are not the most poignant of audiophiles, the large swath of customers wants to own headphones they can use casually at a low price.

On the other hand, Beats are a luxury brand that caters to audiophiles by delivering premium devices at a premium price.


Both Beats and Skullcandy offer quality products at different price points for many customers. But Beats can be significantly pricier because of some of the premium and niche features it provides to its customers.

In addition, the amount of shares Beats holds in the audio industry alone makes it a much more reputable company than Skullcandy.

If you are on a budget constraint, Skullcandy is a more prudent choice because it can deliver you all the features of a premium brand for casual listeners.

But for listeners who are audiophiles and want to get the absolute best from the market for long-term usage, Beats models are a better fit for them.

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